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FRONTIER Damien's Adventures

Discussion in 'Open Roleplay' started by Damien, Jul 29, 2019.

  1. Damien


    It is small, smaller than the Earth. Sparkling like a jewel around its star named Naescu. Toivo has an atmosphere as well as water and life. Its small problem is that local life is currently not very widespread and varied and two that storms have a nasty tendency to be a little too violent.

    The installation, called Javak, is perched on the brown rocky landscape between the water and the strange "forest" of mainly black plants. It has almost the entire population of this world in it. Its external appearance is that of a grey dome connected in a star shape to 5 small stations. The spaceport is hundreds of meters from there, in small pieces and somewhere underwater. It was destroyed and washed away by one of the many thunderstorms of this world.

    At the same time, people protected by their windbreaks are trying to get inside the shelter while another storm is brewing. Staff carry as much as they can of the equipment that was floating in one of the many pools they have installed. Due to the lack of spaceport and immediate equipment, they have built basins capable of supporting the controlled drop of capsules dropped from orbit. Saving a considerable amount of fuel.

    Access to Javak is only through the dome. Inside is a huge space that fills with various materials and agricultural production greenhouse. Damien is below it, where Javak really is. The settlers dug a network of tunnels and underground cavities quickly after their arrival, the latter offering better protection against natural and regular anger.

    Damien quickly checked an inventory to make sure everything was in place. This is not the kind of work he usually does, but this time he can make an exception. The warehouse in question is a simple piece that digs into the rock, no larger than a pantry on Ganymede. In fact, except for the common living space, the only larger room than this one is the labs themselves, which are paired with agricultural production greenhouses.

    Having finished his job, he returns (on foot) to the living area. The latter is an enormous cavity in the shape of a circle arranged like a mini-village. Above them is encrusted with the rock of huge projectors supposedly simulated natural light. With a mediocre result for the moment. The ground was laid out and covered with a thick layer of soil on which grass was grown. So people live here, either they are lucky enough to be in one of the dormitories or houses on site, or they are in one of the many tents that pollute the area and make it look like a shantytown.

    The situation was really desperate when he arrived here. It was a corporation that installed this site first, promising a stable future for all its participants. To then go bankrupt due to logistical and internal difficulties. The staff on site quickly find themselves helpless and without help but find a solution. Together they form a Cooperation that takes legal possession of what is there and organizes itself for their survival. Everything goes well at first and no one starves to death.

    Seeing that storms (the power and size of the thunderbolts) are unbearable. They begin the construction of underground facilities. That's where the problems happen, their equipment is bad and one of their excavations is missing drowning everyone. About ten people lost their lives that day. That same week, their landing platform was destroyed and the ship they were waiting never arrived. Limit they took the ship with which Damien arrived as a divine miracle.

    It takes place in one of the available seats of the colony's Bar/Auberge. They may be in serious difficulty when he arrived, but they manage a lot of things. Starting with alcohol, local plants are full of alcohols in their chemical compound and local biologists have brilliantly used this advantage to concoct drinks that even Damien hallucinates. That and their food. Who knows how, and he doesn't care, they have more agricultural equipment and skilled labour than any other colony. Their production is amazing and does not just limit itself to the vegetable/grown fruit. No, some of the staff members are real geneticists and biologists who enjoy making interesting things. The Coop specializes in food and beverage production. Without their expertise, they would have had a hard time paying for the equipment they so desperately needed.

    His grey glass is full of an acre-purple liquid while his plate offers a dish of synthetic red bean egg grown on the spot. The drink is not bad and tastes even better than some alcohol than some idiot from the beer belt call it beer. Enjoying his meal and drink, he gives little attention to his immediate surroundings. The piece is round (as if they only know this shape) and the plastic seats are arranged around the table in the same material. For the moment, the majority of them are redirected to a corner of the room where a COOP meeting is being held. He didn't give a shit what they were talking about, or what decisions they were making. All he cares about is the fact that he gets paid.

    From time to time, the sound of thunder is so loud that it forces people to raise their voices to speak, even if they are underground. As he was about to ask for another drink, a drunk man got up and started screaming at whoever was gathering at the meeting.

    By pure reflex, he carries his hand to his belt to take his weapon. To remember that he no longer has it, Javak's security confiscated it when he arrived. The latter arrived on the scene to control the drunk man and drag him into one of the containment rooms. Those who make up the security team appear to be the former guards paid by the corporation. Following its bankruptcy, they found themselves abandoned as unemployed hundreds of light-years away from civilization. Working for the nascent Coop was an excellent idea.

    Two other people appeared in the Auberge/bar and also started yelling at the gathered people and guards. Damien has just understood which group the indvidus belongs to.

    There was more than one group of settlers on this planet. Almost all of them cut off the contact one after the other quite quickly. However, there was still another group that was large enough and rich enough to literally compete with Javak. From what he had heard, it was a real petty little war between the two sides. But one day the opposing side (he forgot the name) was destroyed by a disaster. A large part of their population lost their lives, including their crazy governor. Who did the survivors come to take refuge with? Among Javak's good friends! That explains the tents everywhere. Most of them try to live as workers for the Coop, a much in demand resource here. Others just exploit their hospitality and mumble to injustice. Either pray, their colony was the initiative of religious believers who believed they had found the Promised Land... Or such bullshit.

    The meeting ended and one of the organizers approached Damien.

    -"We would like to thank you again for your help, Mr. Verban."

    -"It's nothing, don't forget that you're paying me to do it, so is it really help?"

    She seems destabilized by her answer, who wouldn't be? She mentally swept away his answer to continue on what she wanted to tell him.

    -"Are you still available to do something else for us?"

    -"Depends on the mission and whether my usual employer finally gives me a mission."

    -"As soon as our "spaceport" is repaired, you know that we will immediately start filling our spacecraft in orbit. It is imperative that the latter leave as soon as possible in order to bring our merchandise to New-Tycho for sale. We need this money to reimburse our purchases and pay for all the equipment we urgently need."

    He empties what's left in his glass and observes the organizer. Nothing forced him to accept or refuse, especially since a little pocket money wouldn't hurt.

    -"So? What do you want? "

    -"Two things, the first one will be communicated to you in different places. The second is different, can you take care of the protection of our ship?"

    -"What? Like against pirate?"

    -"Yes and no, As you know, one of our ships was supposed to come back here after shopping in New-Tycho. However, he never returned, some reports indicate that he crossed our gate, but there is no trace of it. We thought of some very clever pirates, but still this track doesn't hold up. The Coop seriously believes that it was the crew that hijacked the ship. Think about it, the hold is full of resources and very expensive equipment on the market and its destination is a colony weeks away from travel. They know that it is easy for them to change the transmitter and disappear into the void."

    -"What makes you think I'm not going to steal the ship and its cargo?"

    -"Your reward is in an electronic account that a lawyer manages on New-Tycho, the amount is already paid. If you come to New-Tycho with the entire ship and its cargo hold intact, your account is debited."

    He wanted to take another sip of his drink, but he found it empty. She shows him on his handheld terminal a nice amount of money that is actually on an electronic account based on New-Tycho. The mission sounds interesting and doesn't seem to be very upset, in addition to making him a free return trip and pocket money.

    -"So if I understand correctly, I'm being paid to hit your crew if they try to get their hands on your merchandise?"


    -"I accept"

    -"Excellent, happy to do business with you, Mr. Trevan Verban. Of course, your accommodation is free and we will be happy to fill your glass as many times as you need. We will come back to you for the description of your first "task" before your departure as well as your price."

    As she gets up, she waves to one of the employees on site to fill Damien's glass. Happy as a child, takes comfort in his chair and listens to the impressive sound of the thunderstorm raging on the outside.
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  2. Damien

    With a size of 11,257,000 square kilometres, the largest landmass in this world is small. Javak is located somewhere in the south away from the climatic disasters in the north and the jungles in the east.

    Damien is northwest of Javak, sinking into the local plant grouping that could be called a forest or jungle. They have a funny black color that is declined in several shades, sometimes in the almost blood red. According to the local big brains, the color is due to a pigmentation completely different from those of the Earth that was developed in order to capture and keep many more rays of the sun. The results are horrible in Damien's eyes for its aesthetics and horrible in the eyes of scientists since it would be at the origin of the greatest catastrophe and genocide in the history of this planet.

    Jumping out of fear when he felt it on his sweater, he gave a violent blow to the little creature with the help of his gun's butt.The creature (insect?) falls stiff on the ground, turns its legs over in a 180° movement in order to get up again. Its body is composed of what looks like several gold-green beads glued together. The way the latter move, he has the impression that they are full of a liquid. He doesn't seem to have a head or a back and for a while stays there before using his legs to dig into the ground and make his way to who knows what.

    Damien took a moment to rub his neck and catch his breath, in his life he rarely passed so close to death. It is at this moment that a lightning bolt is chosen to lighten the sky with its violet-metallic light. A powerful sound spreads through the air.

    Here on Toivo, lightning and thunder punctuate local life. It is not their frequency that is supposed to be worrying, but their absence. Quite quickly, they are no longer considered as thunder, but as a clock. Like a clock, it seems to constantly punctuate time, to remind us that you are alive, to remind us that time passes.

    He begins to continue his way through the jungle/trick to his destination. Like every time the human foot comes off somewhere, the deadliest thing in the area becomes him.

    Javak has not finished his story of bickering between settlers. No, far from it, it seems there's still one last low blow to be done. The Coop has discovered that not all survivors have taken refuge at Javak, but that a significant number have created a refuge somewhere further north. The refuge would have at its head the madman who served as the right-hand man of the insane governor. They discovered that these bastards have a lot of interesting material with them, more interesting in possession of Javak than theirs anyway.

    Spreading a leaf that shoots in shades of black and red, Damien allows himself a perfect view of the camp. Its position is hidden by the vegetation and gives it an interesting aerial view. The basic camp is mainly composed of tents. The centre is dominated by a pyramid of fuel barrels, the latter seems to be connected to a pile of electrical wires that intertwine. The camp looks unoccupied, everyone must be at the phosphorus mine as planned.

    And yes, their quarrel is not based on the fun of hating each other. It's a largely hidden secret, but Toivo seems to have pretty large reserves of phosphorus and potass. That and a bunch of interesting organic stuff found in the soil. A disaster has caused genocide on this world, but the wealth of humans. Except that the Coop can only end up not owning all the exploitation rights, since its biggest opponent no longer has the strength to resist... or even to exist.

    Sneaking around, he arrives at the opposite side of the camp where his first target is. Their communication antenna will be better in the hands of his customer. In a discreet and professional way, he quickly disassembles the antenna and inserts the various dismantled pieces into his bag that brought in with him. Neither seen nor known, he's in possession of their antenna, now all he has to do is kill their crazy boss. They certainly have other more interesting stuff, but they will get it legitimately from the ruins later, the antenna is more urgent.

    The sound of his movement is easily camouflaged by the sounds of thunder, and without alerting the two guards who stand guard in front of the central tent, he puts a bullet in the first one's head. Then the second one falls dead before he can react to the death of his colleague.

    Frowning, he noticed the rather high quality armor worn by the guards. It's certainly Martian equipment, that's for sure. Well, not his problem, they may have bought it on the black market. He enters the tent unannounced and shoots directly at the first person he sees. The latter took the bullet in the chest, then collapsed to the ground. Damien paid no attention to him while he sat in the same chair as he was sitting before and began to take a look at the dying man's tablet.

    Nothing interesting honestly, most of the data seems to have been locked with biometric encryption. A little intense for a simple colony of their category. A huge red "Missing Network" banner visually disturbs Damien. This does not prevent him from continuing to search as much as possible, the Coop only asked him for the "Accountant" file and nothing else. Except that out of curiosity he goes further. The communications section is strangely empty, except for traces that indicate that messages were in the front here. Two or three manipulations allow him to recover what seem to be "pieces" scattered all over the place through other applications. In particular the accounting department which kept in mind a message about a transfer of funds. Strangely enough, the sender doesn't tell him anything. Its identifier is a logo that represents a weird stylized red bird that spreads its wings. A lot of data has been exchanged between them, most of it unreadable, but they seem to be their main customer. They bought for a pile of phosphors and other merchandise simply classified in the category "Special merchandise". In exchange, our new corpse (Damien just heard it blown his last breath) received not just money but weapons, armor, high quality materials and so on.

    Knowing that his time is limited here, he quickly transferred the file the Coop wanted and then prepared to destroy the tablet after formatting it to considerably weaken the group. During formatting, several files appear for a short time in the stream to be deleted, except that one of them reveals the name of their client a certain: Special Squads for External Missions. The whole thing appears in a fraction of a second and he doesn't have time to become aware of the situation.

    Quickly leaving the tent, he hears voices (and thunder of course) in the distance and heads towards the jungle. He manages to reach his hiding place without anyone seeing him. Hidden behind the vegetation, he watches the group of people entering the camp shaking what appears to be a radio. Then Damien realizes that it is one of Javak's radio transmitters, cries indicate that they have understood that their radio is of no use to them now without an antenna. Rolling his eyes in front of the stupidity of the situation, he returns to Javak his mission accomplished.
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  3. Damien

    A deep black darkness. A sentence that seems repetitive and hollow, but strangely enough reflects one of the realities of this world. Constantly immersed (or almost) in low light. The light of its sun hardly reaches this place, many factors explain this but the most important one is the nebula. Intense and thick, the solar system is immersed in it. According to astronomers, it is located somewhere in the first layer of the latter, far from its toxic and radioactive core. The first thing that strikes Damien's mind is... is it the same nebula as the one visible from the Lakshmi system? The colours seem to suggest the idea.

    The open window allows the sound environment to enter. Noises that are difficult to classify as being of the order of a possible danger or not. Umbra hardly reveals his secrets and Damien feels that he will have a hard time tearing them off. Right now what matters is the man on the other side of the desk. Quite large in size, with a hard face and very pale skin. His eyes are entirely focused on the data on his tablet while his left hand rotates a pale blue pill on itself.

    "Everything seems to be in order... Nothing unusual." He presses on his screen and at the same time a beep can be heard in Damien's pocket. "Here are your payments as promised for the pharmaceutical equipment." His voice is as whistling as that of a snake and Damien has to listen to it better. "All payments?" Ask Damien, suspicious.
    "Yes... Any... including my help in integrating "refugees." He begins (to Damien's greatest displeasure) to swing his head forward and backward. A fucking snake, I tell you.
    "I was also talking about... you-know-who."

    He stops swinging and then hits his forehead as if he had stupidly forgotten something. He hastened to pianote a long series of messages on his tablet without any further indication. Damien's hair stands up as he discreetly moves his hand towards the location of his gun.

    "And here....my....colleagues if we can say you'll help you find it." Damien shakes his head in a sudden movement. "No!" says Damien, "I just want the coordinates, I'm able to handle this on my own." The man tries to oppose "But-". "No," Damien repeats in a tone that leaves no room for debate.

    A burst of pianoting that ends with a beep from Damien's hand terminal. Before his eyes is displayed a map of the region as well as the location of what he is looking for. Without a goodbye, he turns his heels and moves outwards.

    He climbs up the coat collar while the sole of his boots scratches the asphalt of the street. Light panels placed here and allows it to enjoy a suitable brightness. The sun presents a strange spectacle, a luminous circle darkened by an invisible curtain. You can see that something is filtering the sunlight, but you can't get your hands on what. Like a particle cloud too thin to be observed, but sufficient to have a significant impact.

    A series of projectors illuminates a structure that gushes out of the ground. The surface of this structure strangely reflects the light of the projectors and increases the ambient brightness. It looks like a stinger or even a tentacle that gushes out of the ground, in the architectural style typical of the assholes who were there before humans.

    The colony is not very large and getting out is easy. A no man's land spreads all around the city while a disturbing darkness thickens as it moves away from the colony. Its destination is somewhere between the city and the mines, in the wilderness of this world. With his right hand he takes a pinch from the local ground and rubs it between his index finger and thumb. A texture different from that of the earth, drier but above all has a strange purple-mauve hue. He leaves it in the wind and scans the edge of the forest. A touch of worrying that is not characteristic of him rises in him. For one of the rare times in his life he is worried about entering an area of darkness. Usually he is reassured, confident in his ability to camouflage himself to better accomplish his mefaits, but this time not. This time, he knows he has competition.

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