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News Custom Cocktail for The Expanse RP Poll!

Discussion in 'Widebeam Messages' started by Solaris, Aug 5, 2018.

  1. Solaris

    Solaris McClane

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    Wa koming gut, kopengs!

    It is my absolute pleasure to say that as the Expanse RP board community, we contributed to backing the The Expanse Belter Bar At Worldcon 76, the Mung Bel├ęk.

    One of the awesome perks that the Expanse Staff would like to provide for the community for contributing is our own custom cocktail created by Hanne Paine and Kagan "Kai" MacTane, the duo behind the ExpanseCocktails series on Twitter. A few of the most recent cocktails are as follows: Ensign Loftis, Praxidike Meng, Lieutenant Boyer, Du Feri Da Belte, MCR Mule, and The Cradle of Life.

    They will create a cocktail similar to the many that they have created for the Expanse characters. It will be featured as part of the official #ExpanseCocktails series on Twitter and honestly, we need some help in determining what would be a great name to give this cocktail.

    So we would like to crowdsource our members for ideas on what this cocktail should be named?

    Our original thought was The Expanse RP cocktail.. but that doesn't seem to have quite the right ring to it.

    What are your suggestions and ideas?
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  2. Neamheaglach

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  3. Gully Foyle

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    What he said.
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  4. Netherworld

    Netherworld Personal Elder God

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  5. HSAR

    Roleplay in the Hay?
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