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    It was all planned out. After the Martian blockade and with increasing belter resistance the UN was going to pull out from Ceres in a careful, phased approach. Fleets would consolidate their forces at Io and Ganymede and private corporations would look after their interests on Ceres.

    Everything was undone by the words of one, insignificant man. A junior official spoke too freely to the press and the UN move was splashed across every terminal in the system.

    Riots break out across Ceres. The Cant and Eros the rallying call of the people.

    Opportunistic gangs quickly cement their positions. An entire swathe of Ceres falls under their control as secret pacts are made to carve up turf and to work together to keep Helix and the OPA out.

    The OPA moves quickly but not decisively. Two factions take Ceres territory. One wants to negotiate with the corps and political powers, the other wants to do nothing but take the asteroid by force.

    Star Helix keeps the peace in other sectors, whilst several precincts are surrounded by riots. All officers were called in. Who do they take orders from now?

    The Martians don't have the numbers to take Ceres by force but they work reinforced their foothold and must decide on their long term plans for Ceres very quickly.

    The UN forces are surrounded by riots. The accusations of UN soldiers executing belters the chorus still ringing out. Ships are on the way, but the UN must hold out or make a move to reestablish control.

    A roleplay event with lasting implications shaping the political landscape system.

    On offer is the prize of Ceres. Who will end up in control of port through which the wealth of the system flows?
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