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  1. Repair Skiff Alpha, in formation with L-Skiff One

    "Our target is the UNN Pete Knight. Our plan is to burn the inside with the flamethrowers supplied so that the infection is slowed down considerably. Structurally, the Pete Knight is similar to the Truman, so you know the place where they shouldn't be. Don't let them go to the reactor."

    The detachment leader sent a tightbeam to the Pete Knight:

    "Pete Knight, if you are able, reduce reactor energy to almost none. We need the time to burn the hallways in the hopes that this damn infection be stopped."

    The skiffs made their way towards the stricken vessel, parts of it blown off, probably in an attempt to space the biohazard.

    "Squad leader, heat signatures show blue on five decks of the ship, some even on the left side exterior. There are some disease vectors on the vessel, though they are somewhat isolated. Main party seems to be located in the engineering room. Some stragglers are left in the hallways and decks unaffected by biohazard."

    "We'll enter through the emergency entrance at the front of the ship. With the heat signatures, the blue stuff is making its way down to the reactor. When there are refugees, inspect them as much as possible. Make sure they don't glow blue anywhere on their body. If they do, tell them that they will be shot. Men, I assume you all will be the bravest that you can be."

    They prepared themselves, literally separated their bodies with layers of armor from the outside, as they docked at the emergency entrance of the Pete Knight. The repair skiff went around to the left exterior side and started blasting at the Protomolecule that roamed the hull like veins.

    Repair Skiff Beta, in formation with L-Skiff Two and Three

    "Repair Skiff Beta to UNN Agatha King, if you are able, reduce your reactor usage to almost none."

    "Men, the Agatha King has been struck first by the torpedoes launched from the installation on Io, which means the state that we saw the Pete Knight in is tens times worse on the Agatha King. Let's try to offload as much survivors as possible, God willing there is any."

    "Heat signatures read blue in most parts of the vessel except some rooms where people seem to be holed up. Nobody on the bridge. Contagion nearing the reactor."

    "Fuck. Alright we might have to work twice as fast. Maybe it's unsaveable. Some of us will go EVA and help burn the shit from the exterior. Don't ever take off your armor. It is the only damn thing keeping us from turning into blue zombies. When we find survivors, screen them. If any blue shit is on them, they're dead. Convulsing bodies are to be pumped full of lead. Men, get ready."

    The skiffs surrounded the stricken vessel as L-Skiff Two dropped off EVA's on the exterior of the vessel and proceeded to dock at the top emergency entrance. L-Skiff Three went second as they dropped off most of their men, but kept some to pilot the vessel in burning the Protomolecule off the exterior. The repair skiff proceeded to burn the exterior immediately.
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  2. Rachel Lei

    Rachel Lei Gunner on the NPS Kanyari

    Character Biography:
    Kanyari - Jovian System

    Rachel let out a low whistle as they approached the Daedalus as a gentle 0.3g burn. The support cruiser of the Rescue Fleet was massive, easily dwarfing many other ships in the system. It was however, entirely defenceless. The massive vessel housed huge spinning habitats along its frame-like body, as well as vast arrays of cargo containers laden with emergency rations, water, medicine and other supplies destined for the various colonies and stations damaged by the war between Mars and Earth.

    The Kanyari had originally set course for New Providence Station, however at the last minute they had received new orders from Bill to dock with the Daedalus. Sadly, it meant the end of their contract and thus Rachels stay aboard the ship, their last meal together was both happy and sombre, like a small family had been formed in the high tech corvette they now lived in, and was too soon being picked apart.

    Rachel had hugged each one of them goodbye, tears forming in her eyes and staying there in the microgravity. Wiping them away with her sleeve she finally walked up to Damian and fell into his embrace, feeling the mans large frame wrap around her in a comforting way. She stayed there for several moments, eyes closed, listening to the steady beat of his heart. Pulling away reluctantly she locked eyes with him, "To vedi wámotim ematim mi," she said.

    "Fosho," he replied nodding slowly, as if this were a dream he would eventually wake up from. "Fosho fosho," she replied before stepping back, picking up her things and pushing them down the airlock and towards the Daedelus. She floated up to the ring of the airlock, and to where the umbilicus of the Kanyari extended out to the hull of the massive support cruiser. Grapping a hand hold she stopped herself and looked back at the crew who floated in the cargo hold. "Go go, sésata," called up Damian, a small sad smile on his face.

    Rachel moved her fingers across her lips in a belter gesture before turning away and pushing through the airlock.


    Daedalus - Operations Deck

    The Daedalus was a hive of activity. The Ops deck was like stadium but significantly smaller. Around her, rows of workstations crewed by belters of every shape, size, origin and race carried out their duties, a constant hum of conversation and communication filled the air and at the centre was a raised podium with a volumetric display, showing the Jovian system. She watched on one of the several displays reaching down from the roof of the ops deck as the Kanyari kicked on its drive and soared off into the void.

    The Captain of the Daedalus was a stick thin belter man with close cropped grey hair and the split circle of the OPA tattooed on his neck. He watched Rachel as she ascended the stairs to the podium, his eyes moving over the OPA tattoo on her own neck and down to the sealed metal container she carried in her hand, a handcuff locked around its handle with the other end locked around her wrist. "Commander Lei, welcome to the NPS Daedalus. I am Captain Garcia," he said with perfect english, something which mildly surprised her until she remembered that many of the ranking officers William employed were were educated men and women, many studying at Ceres University like her, or on the various virtual universities offered by the AI on New Providence. Lang belta, while spoken in the halls, was discouraged on command decks in Providence fleets. Rachel saluted the man, a gesture which he returned.

    "Captain Garcia, it's an honour to finally meet you in person, I've heard a lot about you." The man huffed with amusement, before placing his hands on the volumetric display, leaning over and into its glowing projections. "I've been told my reputation precedes me. Unfortunately i have yet to enjoy any benefits, life here is busy. It's not a simple job trying to hold a system together after the inner worlds had their tantrum, but we are managing."

    Rachel looked around, watched as a steady stream of skiffs and rockhoppers approached, docked with and left the Daedalus, dropping off wounded, picking up supplies and distributing it to the many stations and bases in the system. "Sir, I believe you have been briefed on the next leg of my mission?" She asked, switching demeanour from amiable to professional in an instant. To his credit, Captain Garcia did the same.

    "Yes I am aware,' he tapped several buttons on his console and around the podium walls began to descend from the ceiling, and up from the deck until they joined in the middle, cutting out the sound from the rest of the deck. "You have brought a biohazard onto a hospital ship. Something I am not entirely happy about, but William has assured me it is of the utmost important to our species and I trust the man. So I will trust you."

    "Thank you Sir. If you don't mind, I do not think the rest of your crew should see this," she said, placing the case she held onto the desk at the centre of the podium. "Ah of course..." He said, a slight sigh in his voice. The transparent panels which isolated them from the rest of the ops deck turned opaque and then solid black, with only the light from the volumetric display illuminating the small area within.

    Rachel placed her thumbs on two locks on the case, wincing slightly as it sampled her genetic identity. With a loud metallic clack the locks flipped open and Rachel opened the case revealing a silver and glass canister within. The blue light emitted by the protomolecule spread across everything, illuminating both their faces and casting shadows behind them. "This...this is alien?"

    "The spooks studying it on Thoth seemed to think so...it doesn't look like anything humanity has come close to creating..." He picked up the canister, holding it close to his eye. Inside, a maelstrom of blue fireflies spiralled, focussing on the areas his fingers touched the glass, perhaps gaining some minuscule amount of energy from the warmth. "Such a strange thing...certainly does not look like something that could turn a asteroid into a cruise missile..." He placed the canister back in its padded slot and turned to Rachel. "The Jovian system is not safe. There are too many assets here that could harm you and take this. We've arranged to hire a racing pinnace from a local team, it is waiting in the hangar. You'll use it to get to your next target and from there, the merry chase the Core AI has laid out for you."

    "Thank you Captain. I appreciate you taking the time to help me on this." Rachel said, closing the case and cutting of the blue light of the protomolecule from the rest of the world. "Commander Lei, if it were up to me I'd throw that thing into the sun right now, but I know William has plans for it, and if he has plans then that means it can only help the situation, not degrade it further. You'll find fresh clothes and a supply of rations in the pinnace waiting for you. Godspeed."

    They saluted and parted ways, Rachel descending the stairs of the podium as the privacy screens retracted.

    Racing Pinnace - Slipstream - Enroute to Pallas Station

    Rachel had been smashed into the crash couch of the pinnace for an hour now, her breathing light. Every now and again the couch would inject her with a new dose of juice to keep her conscious. On the display ahead of her she could see the countdown time, its zero's steadily spreading across the board. After another several seconds the timer stopped and the acceleration reduced to 0.5g's.

    Bringing up a map of the system she checked on her location. She was out of the Jovian system, almost a quarter of the way to Pallas where in its current position, took her high above the solar plane.

    The next step of her mission was waiting for her there, and only god's knew what else.
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  3. Morne du Plessis

    Character Biography:
    "It's time," Morné said. They had breathing space, the charges had been set. If they didn't do it now then there wouldn't be a other chance. The ops crew knew what it meant for them. The crew who had docked with a Martian corvette had known what it had meant for them too.

    "@Kealoha Scarsi get your people off the ops deck," Morné said quietly. "A group of OPA extremists within Tycho took this vessel by force and gabe chase. Tycho engineering is about take control of this vessel and surrender it."

    It had to be authentic. Which was why he had them place breaching charges on the outside of the ops deck doors when the fighting had started.

    The blame would be placed squarely on Du Plessis and a group of fifty of his most loyal OPA operatives.

    He didn't know what it would feel like to have a breaching charge go off just metres away from where he sat, but he assumed it would be deeply unpleasant.

    Surrender! This is the crew of Tycho Station. We have taken back control of the Nauvoo from OPA extremists by force. We are surrendering this vessel.
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  4. Gwenaël Suess

    Gwenaël Suess Deceased

    UNN Pete Knight, near Io
    Engineering section, command center

    Suess clung to the handholds of the elevator as they descended towards the auxiliary bridge his men had set up in the command center of the engineering section. The hybrid had survived the impossible. Shortly after they had blown up the bridge and made their way down to engineering he'd gotten reports of the monster surviving. It had been damaged in the attack, but it was still alive.

    It had led him to a drastic conclusion.

    The elevator stopped, it's doors opening and he stepped onto the small replacement bridge. He immediately walked over to his XO and pulled her to the side. "Livia, we can't defeat that thing. We fucking set the air on fire and it didn't fucking die. I don't know what to do anymore. There's only one option. We have to evacuate. Prepare everything." he turned around and walked away but it was clear to everyone in the small room, their captain was defeated, ashamed he couldn't keep the promise he'd made to his crew, sad about what was to come.

    He climbed onto a crate to have a better view and so everyone could see him. "Men, women. Over the past few months, you have become more than just crew, more than just comrades or colleagues. You've become friends, family. In a way, every ship is a family. And I am happy to have been part of it. Despite what I promised I see myself unable to stop whatever creature has entered our ship. It seeks to pull us all with it into hell. Foolish like I was I thought I could fight it, fight against the maelstrom of destruction and catastrophe. But I was wrong, you cannot fight hell itself. And that is what has come upon us. Whatever entered our ship is a messenger from hell. It reminds us of our morality. We all thought we were immortal, undefeatable, invincible. We were wrong, how could we assume something like that. How could we assume ourselves to be better than any of those thousands of lives we took. We were in over our heads, arrogant and ignorant and we now pay the price for it. We protected something unholy from the righteous wrath of God. May God forgive us all."

    With that, he stepped down from the crate. "Everyone, prepare for evacuation." But his crew didn't move, they just stood there, staring, think about what he had said. He knew they wouldn't understand much of what he had said. But they understood the sincerity and the message he had tried to convey and eventually, they would even understand what he had referred to.

    And then, one after the other, they all stood up from their converted stations and saluted. He responded with just a simple nod, but it was all it needed. "Everyone, get off this ship!"


    5 minutes later, Hanger bay 1

    The few remaining crew members of the UNN Pete Knight stood there gathered in the Hanger Bays of the massive ship. Members of the bridge crew were organizing the large mass of people so everything would go well. In the far another explosion could be heard as marines still attempted to hold off the monster which was now just one deck from the hangar.

    The martian frigate had docked with the battlecruiser and was now taking on refugees as well. But even with that and the additional skiffs provided by the Harry S. Truman, it wasn't enough, so the skiffs tried making trips to the nearest UNN ships and back to get everyone off the ship.


    1 minute later on the UNN Thomas Cochrane
    Alanna Agresta

    She wasn't sure what she was supposed to think about all this, she knew it was hard for Gwen to give up his ship, the thing he had fought so heavily to protect. He'd rather sacrifice himself than give it up. But when she saw him as he gave his speech to his crew she simply knew he was defeated, she'd never seen him like that, not even at his worst moments.
    She was interrupted in her thoughts by Livia Clark, the Xo of the Knight and a good friend to Suess.
    "Alanna, have you seen the Captain? He was supposed to be on your skiff." she gently grabbed the younger woman by her shoulders.

    "No, I haven't. In fact, I thought he was on your ski... Oh no." she grabbed her superior by her shoulders, her fingers clawing into her uniform.

    This was one of the rare moments where Clark didn't insist on keeping the proper etiquette. She took a step back, still holding the Knights pilot by her shoulders. "We both knew he wouldn't leave his ship."

    Their moment of sincerity and grieve was disturbed by a massive impact that went through every part of the fast attack cruiser.


    1 minute ago on the Pete Knight

    Suess sat in the empty auxiliary bridge. He'd fetched himself some bad whiskey one of the Engineers had hidden behind a panel and was now leaning back in a crash couch. The couch was carefully chosen, farthest away from the exit. He wanted to savor the moment, taste every bit of it.

    The rooms oxygen level was approaching a critical level. On a crate beside him lay a little richly decorated lighter and next to it stood a glass he'd filled with the cheap whiskey. The ships self destruct mechanism had been linked to his heartbeat if he died the ship would blow up and in the elevator shaft leading to the engineering section he could hear the creature rumbling.

    He took a sip from the whiskey and closed his eyes. The sound of shearing metal echoed through the room one last time and when he opened his eyes again he saw the scarred and burnt body of the monster that had destroyed his ship crawling through the opening.

    Suess simply smirked as the creature eyed him wearily. He took the lighter from the crate, pulled a cigar out of his uniform and put it in his mouth.

    With the lighter at the end of the cigar, he said. "You know. I normally don't smoke, but I keep this one on me for special occasions. Thought today was fitting."

    As he flicked the lighter he could see flames expanding from it, not the flames you normally expect, these were bigger and they were expanding in all directions. He closed his eyes. A few seconds later his heartbeat ended and the ship's computer initiated the self-destruct sequence. Shortly after that all that was left of the once proud warship UNN Pete Knight was a bunch of debris and dust.

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  5. Kealoha Scarsi

    Kealoha Scarsi OPA Politican

    OPAS Behemoth, near Io

    Scarsi had thought about intervening multiple times during the situation but he knew it wouldn't do any good to ímprove the situation. When Scarsi made preparations to surrender the ship he knew what it meant, and he knew he had to give it to the man. It was the only chance to save the Tycho Cooperation and with it the OPA.

    The blind man looked straight were he thought Mornes face was and nodded. "Beltalowda are gonna survive. Mi gonna mak sure of dat."

    He turned around and Carter led him off the bridge back to his quarters. After sitting down on his bed he began to think. He'd need to make preparations for the aftermath. He wasn't sure he was ready for the responsibility to lead the OPA. They would never accept his ways, but he would find someone suited to lead the OPA and support him in uniting the splintered factions.

    Like that he slowly fell asleep, while Carter began to make preparations.


    @Morne du Plessis
  6. Before the Self-Destruct

    The skiff teams were working diligently to contain the blue mass. The flamer teams had proven effective in burning the contagion, but they had been outnumbered. The skiffs had cleaned most of the exterior, only for them to keep burning the nooks where the Protomolecule originally spread.

    The flamer teams’ primary mission was swiftly completed, and most of the Pete Knight’s complement had a clear way to the exit. They had to stay behind to keep fighting the contagion while L-Skiff One dispatched from the exit and came back, bearing more flamer personnel and equipment.

    “Dispatch, most of the hallways are cleaned off. Moving on to hotspots.”

    The flamer teams quickly realized the hotspots were much more difficult. Although they had cleaned all of the hallways of contagion, the impact site of the pod and the fuel reserve were filled with the stuff. In time, most of the flamer teams were focused at the hotspots, concentrated at reducing the mass.

    The mission was still jeopardized by the loose patient zero on the vessel. The decreased flamer teams strained to keep the hallways cleaned while the monster spread the contagion around. The hotspots weren’t giving the vessel up easily either as the concentrated teams slowly chipped away at the masses.

    A team had breached through the engineering room where most of the heat signatures were found. All of top brass were found there. The team then proceeded to direct them to the Martian vessels and the L-Skiff.

    “Where’s Rear Admiral Suess?” the squad leader asked in the midst of the mass shuffle.

    The first mate responded to him. “I don’t know, sir, he was with us when we started the evacuation.”

    The squad leader was worried. He hypothesized that the Rear Admiral had evacuated by himself or that he was at an isolated.

    “Team, dispatch a search party for the rear admiral.”

    “We’re trying sir, we’re very low on manpower. We’re cutting into the Truman’s personnel just to help out.”

    “Ehh, fuck.”

    He excused himself from the masses to find Suess himself. He was convinced that the Knight was saveable with precariousness. The flamer teams were keeping the hotspots in their place and the exterior was burned clean of contagion.

    The task teams proceeded to search the more isolated parts of the vessel, finding convulsing bodies and hybrids in varying stages of conversion. The Truman crew was steadily losing personnel to hybrids as isolated incidents with the converted crew resulted in more deaths.

    The squad leader braved isolated hallways to find Suess. He had appointed his second in command to oversee the operation and turned off his comms, saying a quick “I’ll see you on the flip side.” before doing so.

    Tired and with the evacuation process almost over, the squad leader found a makeshift wall at the far end of the vessel.
    The squad leader found himself conscious for a few more seconds until a flash of light overcame him. All the flamers who were keeping the hotspots in place were immediately atomized as the vessel’s reactor went critical. Repair Skiff Alpha was still keeping the contagion in place when the pilots saw light and a piece of debris larger than them immediately crush them. L-Skiff One managed to escape, but was hit and spiraled out of control. The Martian cruisers were peppered by the spray of debris as the brilliant vessel that they were once docked to turned into a minor supernova. The Pete Knight was destroyed.

    At the same time, Repair Skiff Beta reported no survivors and 54 personnel lost to hybrid incidents. The Agatha King subsequently turned into a similar explosion after that transmission. Two Truman-class vessels destroyed at the same time. Radio silence commenced.

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  7. Chloe Emerson

    Chloe Emerson "Wren"

    Character Biography:
    Things had not gone well.

    But then again, they rarely ever did for someone like Chloe Emerson.

    Red lights flashed through the otherwise pitch black corridors in a lazy strobe -- as if casually saying that there was a mild inconvenience somewhere in the station; instead of the catastrophic hull breach that'd been caused by the detonation of the missiles when they impacted the surface. Fortunately, the goons up in the sky had not been targeting the research facility itself and the remaining belter crew survived the retaliatory strike.

    Though not everyone had survived the venture into the facility.

    Several of Chloe's men lay dead further inside the compound -- left behind after a particularly brutal firefight with the guards that'd been discovered loading the heavily sedated children into high-tech crates. The one doctor who'd been overseeing the frantic scene had been killed in the crossfire, unfortunately. Chloe would have liked to interrogate the bastard for whatever information he had.

    She hated having to leave the dead behind, but there was little choice in the matter. It was only a matter of time before someone in orbit decided to destroy the research facility outright.

    Each step was utter agony and she was struggling to catch her breath. She'd been shot twice in the fighting, once in the shin and another caught her side. The weak wheezing that escaped her lips had her worried that her lungs might be collapsing. There was nothing to do about that now though, they had to get back to the Albatross first.

    They weren't leaving empty handed.

    In one palm, Chloe clutched the hand terminal she'd salvaged from the dead doctor's lab coat and the other tightly gripped her pistol. The surviving belters each carried a child in their arms, most of whom far too drugged to be able to keep up with the adults.


    The airlock cycled and the cool air washed over her face as the inner door opened.

    She wasn't sure how they got from the corridor into the ship. Had she passed out? It took her a moment to realize that one of her men had an arm wrapped firmly around her waist and was supporting her weight, while he clutched her arm over his shoulders. Her pistol was gone, likely another casualty and left behind.

    But she still had the terminal in a vice-like grip.

    The man carrying her slammed a gloved fist briefly against the button to key the shipwide comm.

    "We're on. Get us out of here." He growled in a gruff voice.

    She recognized the voice behind the helmet. It was Nick, one of Alric's most trusted men. She felt no small amount of relief roll over her when she realized that he'd survived.

    He turned to the others in the cargo bay as he took Chloe's arm once more in a firm grip to stabilize her. "Get those kids strapped in. Move!"

    Chloe felt her head bob backwards onto her shoulders as the darkness crept into her vision once more.
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  8. Dolores Muwangwa

    Dolores Muwangwa Captain, UNN Thomas Cochrane

    Character Biography:



    “Fast Movers detected!” Eriksen’s voice shot across the bridge of the Cochrane like a bullet.

    “From the Martians?” Dolores replied, coolly, although she was a little puzzled as to why none of the Martian ships were displaying launch signatures on her terminal.

    “From the surface!” Eriksen replied, frantically tapping at his own console, heavy black eyebrows furrowed in distress. “Multiple launch signatures, and then we lost contact!”

    “So regain fucking contact!” Al-Mubarak yelled, his ordinarily amiable demeanour vanished in the panic of war.

    “Lieutenant Al-Mubarak, I will have decorum on my Bridge.” Dolores snapped, before looking back towards her signals officer. “Although, Eriksen, if you could…”

    “Already done, ma’am,” the Half-Indian Swede replied, a little more in his element, but nerves still hanging heavy on his voice as the tactical display was suddenly filled with dozens of little dots. Little dots that were closing in fast on the Cochrane, the Knight, and the King. Little dots that seemed altogether too large to be torpedoes. Bozhe Moy, what the hell are they?” Vikoyan muttered, bringing a hand up to his face. “Debris,” Al-Mubarak growled, turning back towards Muwangwa, who gave the order with a nod. The ship shuddered again, as its PDC network roared into action, and Dolores smiled as she saw the Tereshkova, the Jakarta, the Shanghai, and both the corvettes lend their aid, as Eriksen forwarded them the targeting data. One by one, the dots travelling towards the Cochrane disappeared. But there is nothing we can do to save the Knight or the King. Dolores watched, as the launches slammed into the hulls of the battlecruisers. Without our advanced targetting arrays, I doubt they even saw it coming.


    Dolores listened, with a stoic expression on her face, as the scenes of horror continued to unfold on the Knight. Her disquiet was shared, albeit much less subtly by just about every officer on the bridge. It is Eros all over again. Whatever killed Eros is killing the Pete Knight, likely killing the Agatha King. And whoever is behind those launch sites is helping it. She gritted her teeth and rubbed at her ring finger. Their options were narrowing. She had already prepared a skiff, five marines in Marauder VI Powered Armour, but it was becoming increasingly clear that they would not get there in time to make a difference. That even if they did, they might not be enough. She was not given much more time to agonise over her decision, however.

    “Ma’am?” Eriksen called out, his voice practically shaking. “We have an issue.” He fed Dolores’ terminal a live feed from the exterior of the Cochrane. A live feed that showed a hulking humanoid form, at once muscular and skeletal, clawing at the hull of the Cruiser. Its greyish skin glowed from within with a latent bluish glow, its almost animalistic, yet disturbingly human body was dotted with bone-like protrusions, and its eyes glowed with a fierce light. The influence of the Eros contaminant was clear, but this was a whole new form, a whole new horror. This was the payload of those launches.

    “It would seem we destroyed one of the torpedoes, but not its cargo,” Al-Mubarak explained. “Sent our new friend here spilling out into space, but his momentum carried him on to the Cochrane. Ain’t chaos theory a bitch.”

    “Lieutenant Al-Mubarak, I will not warn you again,” Dolores frowned, before a realisation dawned upon her, at the same time as it dawned upon Vikoyan. “Wait, if it was travelling at the sort of speed that would allow it to penetrate the hull of something like the Knight, how did it survive the impact with our hull? The deceleration should have killed it,” The Russian navigator almost tried to stand up, before his restraints pulled him back into his crash couch. “Well, Asteroids shouldn’t be able to accelerate at will without thrust, but we all saw Eros,” Al-Mubarak responded tersely, flicking over his terminal with a scowl. “Now this is happening.”

    “Do we have any Cannons with a clear shot at it?” Dolores asked, her fists clenching in anger as she watched the monstrosity tear apart her ship. “Well,” came the reply from Al-Mubarak, as he shared a new video feed with the bridge, “We did.” The feed showed the monster roughly tearing a PDC from its gimbal, and tossing it out into the void. “It’s in a dead spot, tucked in behind the ventral railgun. None of our cannons have a shot.” He threw up a schematic of the Cochrane, and the fields of fire of its PDC’s, with the monster’s position marked in red. “Would one of the other ships in the battlegroup be able to engage it?” Dolores seemed to be checking through options in her head, her expression, despite the situation, no more vexed than if she was confronting a particularly cryptic crossword. “With their targeting systems, I wouldn’t fancy their odds, hitting a target this small at that sort of range. They'd be more likely to shoot up our ship than the monster. And if we waited for them to close in… Well, it’s making short work of our hull as it is. I don’t think we have that sort of time.” On the screen, the creature tore another sheet of metal free, and cast it contemptuously aside. Dolores laced her fingers, and brought them together under her chin. She knew what they had to do.


    Norman Basquerro wondered how his life had led to this moment. How a series of choices and coincidences had led him to be walking along the exterior of a spaceship in a suit of armour, preparing to do battle with some kind of super soldier powered by the blue alien crap that had killed Eros. Join the Marines, they said, see the stars, kill new and interesting people… Well, he had to admit, as he and his team carefully closed in on it from five equidistant points, that whatever this creature was, it certainly was interesting. It seemed to notice them before they’d even closed to visual range. It stood, temporarily ignoring whatever it was doing to the hull, and looked around, at the five armoured figures tramping toward it. Craddock, Slimani, Coates, Ling, and finally Basquerro himself. There was a moment of silence, as the creature studied him, and cocked its head quizzically, before Basquerro raised his gun arm, and in a burst lasting only half a second, deposited fifty recoilless rounds into the creature’s chest. He could have dumped the full 3,000 into it, for all the thing seemed to care. Even as the other four joined him, the creature seemed to register the hail of gunfire more as an annoyance than a threat.

    That was when Slimani chose to launch her RPG at the thing. This would swiftly prove, with the advantage of hindsight, to have been a mistake. The creature turned with preternatural speed and swatted the grenade out of the air. Even as the explosion wreathed its aberrant form in flames, it began its charge. Slimani all but emptied her mag into the creature as it charged, her scream flooding the vox channel as the rest of the fireteam laid round after round into the beast’s glowing blue flesh. None of it made a difference. The monster’s right hand, its fingers tipped with claws, lunged towards’ Slimani’s torso, and impaled her, punching through the armour plating as though it hadn’t been there. The marine’s screaming took on a momentarily more pained timbre before the monster’s left hand struck the head from her shoulders. Craddock, screaming some hollow oaths of vengeance, charged suicidally towards the creature, before an almost casual backhand sent him spinning out into space. Basquerro almost had a hope that his friend might be recovered before he noticed that Craddock’s symbol on his HUD had turned from Blue to Red. His armour had been caved in from the blow. There was a thin trail of blood, streaming out behind his body as it spiralled out into the void. As he watched his old drinking buddy vanish, however, a plan began to formulate in Basquerro’s mind. A terrible, terrible plan. “Coates, Ling, back away from it!” He called out, muting their feeds before they had a chance to protest. “This thing can kill whichever of us it wants to, so I’m going to limit its fucking options!” He raised his arm towards the creature again and unleashed another stream of fire. As it turned toward him, he fired an RPG, then another, then another. Explosions wracked the creature’s form, almost seemed to stagger it, but it didn’t go down. Basquerro hadn’t been expecting it to. As he had expected, it began to charge towards him, unnaturally long limbs pairing with its inhuman strength to give it a monstrously swift gait. He didn’t have as much time as he’d thought, but he had enough. As the monster impacted with him, Norman Basquerro did three things. Firstly, he de-activated the mag-boots on his suit; Secondly, he fired a grappling harpoon straight into the creature’s torso, and thirdly, he activated his Marauder’s RCS jets.

    Norman Basquerro wondered how his life had led to this moment. How a series of choices and coincidences had led him to be spinning through space, tethered to an unstoppable killing machine that screamed its rage and confusion into the uncaring silence of the vacuum. “Muwangwa,” he called out, to his good friend, and his favourite adversary, “You’re going to want to get this thing in the drive plume. Reckon that’s the only thing that’ll kill it for sure.” He grinned up at the monster, as it slowly realised just what had been done to it, and began to reach out for his helmet.


    Dolores watched, mutely, as the Pete Knight burst into a ball of incandescent flame, and the Agatha King followed closely after it. Her mind went back to the screams of those Martian marines, as whatever happened to them on Eros killed them, slowly and painfully. It went back to the memory of almost killing herself with the g-forces, chasing that damned rock. It went back to a much more recent memory. To the three marines they had lost, killing that monster on their ship, to Norman Basquerro’s typically nonchalant last words, as he tossed himself into the howling black with an abomination in tow. It is the only way we’ll be able to stop it. Unimaginable sacrifice. And each time we face it again, the sacrifice only grows. What will it take, the next time? Dolores let out a soft, almost inaudible sigh. She could not allow herself to be swallowed by the problems of the future. She had enough problems of the present to occupy herself with. Releasing herself from her restraints, she engaged her mag-boots and stood, grateful as ever that she had no long-unwieldy hair to get in her way in zero-g. With a grim, implacable look, she turned to her XO. “Commander Mendelssohn, have the surviving senior officers from the Knight meet me in my ready room.” She stalked across the CIC, straightening her uniform, then her back. “And bring us some fresh bulbs of coffee. I fear this day is only going to get longer.”
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  9. Gwenaël Suess

    Gwenaël Suess Deceased

    UNN Thomas Cochrane near Io
    Livia Clark

    She wasn't quite sure what to feel right now. Gwen had not only been her captain but also a long time friend. They had known each other long before he was appointed captain of the Pete Knight and now he was just gone. It was not like death was foreign to her, she had killed and had people she knew die, but Gwen had been like family to her. The sudden absolute fact that he was now gone and she would never hear his voice again lay on her shoulders like a mountain.

    On the other hand, she had to stay strong for the crew. This wasn't over and they couldn't afford to let their guard down.

    Agresta, the young pilot of the Knight was still standing in front of her. The woman had tears in her eyes, for her, the captain had been a symbol of trust and reliance, something she could always depend on even in her darkest times. It had hit her hard, harder than she'd imagined it would. Death was nothing anyone could predict, no one knew how it would affect them before it happened.

    "Listen, we have to be an example right now. The others will now look at us for guidance. Our feelings are not important right now, do you understand that?" it wasn't actually completely true but that was enough right now. The woman needed something to hold onto.

    Agresta looked her in the eyes and nodded. "Understood, ma'am."

    "Er, Livia Clark?"

    The knights XO turned around to see a young Ensign standing behind her. "Yes?"

    "The Captain has called for a meeting of the Knights Senior Officers." At the mention of the captain, an expression of happiness passed over Clark's face until she realized he meant the captain of the Cochrane. She scolded herself for such a foolish hope.

    "Lead the way."

    "Of course, Ma'am."


    @Dolores Muwangwa
  10. Remi Lièvremont

    Character Biography:
    No one had ever trained him to fly into a war zone. Remi was brave - or foolish depending on who you listened to. He had thrown himself into the void in a smile metal frame around a monstrous engine time and again. Yet when the shooting started he felt himself rooted to his chair. He could hear people dying out there. Some of their team issued last messages over the comms as they lay in their suits breathing their last breaths.

    Remi paused. He flexed his fists and took a deep breath.

    "Ya, need to go," he told himself. Remi forced himself forwards, the chair hissing as he brought him closer to the controls. His body didn't feel his own. What should have been an easy job required his full concentration.

    "We're moving," he called over the intercom. The Albatross barely rose above the surface of Io. Keeping within fifty metres of the ground he took them directly through the volcanic plumes. It was a risk, but someone had been firing at the ground and he didn't want to attract any attention.

    "Did we do what we came to do?" he called out. In all the confusion he wasn't even sure.
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  11. Oliver "Cervan" Yaeger

    Character Biography:
    UN HQ New York

    Cervan had quickly been called in to represent the Navy at an urgent UN Security Council Meeting. Even though he had not expected much since he had been appointed Admiral he had been asked countless times to fill in for the Fleet Admiral because the man was otherwise busy or had been specifically requested to participate. But this one packed quite the surprise.

    When the young, just recently elected Deputy Undersecretary entered the room, Yaeger leaned forward, the look of a hungry predator on his face. His smile only widened as the young man began his speech. Sheldon was young, pathetic and still full of hopes. A dreamer. Someone who still looked at the world like a child, stuck in his foolish perception of reality.

    After the Deputy Undersecretary's speech had ended and the members of the council began discussing what he had told them Cervan looked through the evidence. Personally, he had never been involved in the protogen plot. Knowing about it was another thing though.

    After minutes of looking through the evidence and watching what had happened around Io an hour ago, he stood up from his chair and looked at the young man sitting in his chair, savoring his apparent victory.

    "So if I understood you right Mr. Sheldon then you are saying that the OPA is the innocent victim in all of this? Well, then why did the OPA just blow up two martian frigates? Admittedly I am not the biggest friend of the Martians, but seeing the OPA fire on them even though there was no aggression by the MCRN, to begin with, brings up the question if the OPA is really so innocent. We all know that if a suspect refuses to cooperate it usually means there is something to hide. You might say that they attacked because they tried to defend themselves from imminent aggression and that might be true, but think about the whole situation with the OPA since Tycho's destruction."

    He made a short pause. "When Tycho station was destroyed, notably by them not by that mysterious creature, they boarded the Nauvoo, which was a completely legitimate act, they are now using it as a lifeboat. But why are they piloting that lifeboat full of innocent refugees directly into a warzone, and why is the Nauvoo armed to the teeth? The OPA is illegally commandeering a ship full of civilians that has been illegally refitted with military grade weaponry. That is a war crime and one that should not be easily discarded because they follow a "noble cause"."

    "Although the theory that protogen was behind all this seems to be fairly concrete I doubt that they alone were able to pull something like this off all by themselves." He now linked his hand terminal to the presentation screen in the room. It displayed the ID file of a prisoner from roughly a year ago. A suspected OPA Member that had attempted to steal restricted stealth technology from earth. "This Ladies and Gentleman is a suspected Member of the OPA that was arrested for stealing restricted Stealth Technology from one of our labs. This seems more like an attempt from the OPA to gain sufficient military strength to combat us and ensure an independent belt nation. We have given the belters to much freedom and now we pay the price."

    He let his eyes wander over the faces of the council members one more time and then sat down, leaning back in a pose of total confidence.


    @Emmet Sheldon @William Meyer
  12. Emmet Sheldon

    Emmet Sheldon Deputy Undersecretary of the United Nations

    Character Biography:

    The situation over Io turned much stranger and grimmer when Sheldon got a notification that a vessel of unknown affiliation burned hard off the surface of Io, followed by another. They then disappeared when they went out of range. It was a few seconds, but definitely noticeable to a careful eye. Shouldn’t be the Martians... they didn’t send out ceasefire calls when the base was shot. Obviously not us, or else the missiles would’ve been shot. He came to the conclusion that it might be Belter related and made a reminder in his tablet to meet with his Belter contacts about that.

    A man who looked older and tougher than him came over. It was Admiral Yeager. His mates knew him as Cervan. Sheldon greeted him as an old pal from the navy. Cervan greeted him back. They caught up with each other for a short while and subsequently started to discuss about the situation at hand.

    “So if I understood your right, Mr. Sheldon, then you are saying that the OPA is the innocent victim in all of this? Well, then why did the OPA just blow up two Martian frigates? Admittedly, I am not the biggest friend of the Martians, but seeing the OPA fire on them even though there was no aggression by the MCRN, to begin with, brings up the question if the OPA is really so innocent. We all know that if a suspect refuses to cooperate it usually means there is something to hide. You might say that they attacked since they tried to defend themselves from imminent aggression and that might be true, but think about the whole situation with the OPA since Tycho’s destruction.”

    “When Tycho Station was destroyed, notably by them not by that mysterious creature, they boarded the Nauvoo, which was a completely legitimate act, they are now using it as a lifeboat. But why are they directly piloting that lifeboat full of innocent refugees directly into a warzone, and why is the Nauvoo armed to the teeth? The OPA is illegally commandeering a shop full of civilians that has been illegally refitted with military grade weaponry. That is a war crime and one that should not be easily discarded because they follow a ‘noble cause.’”

    Sheldon thought about that, then the two dots he noticed.

    “Although the theory that Protogen was behind all this seems to be fairly concrete, I doubt that they alone were able to pull something like this off all by themselves.” He takes over the projector. “This, Ladies and Gentlemen, is a suspected member of the OPA that was arrested for stealing restricted Stealth Technology from one of our labs. This seems more like an attempt from the OPA to gain sufficient military strength to combat us and ensure an independent belt nation. We have given the belters too much freedom and now we pay the price.”

    Sheldon was surprised that he had this evidence ready but was unfazed. It was typical Cervan fashion, the type he saw in himself when he first enlisted. Some of the council members started to consider Cervan’s point of view while Sheldon proceeded to respond to the grizzled veteran.

    “Cervan, I completely understand your point of view. That attack on the two Martian frigates was completely uncalled for.” He motions toward the map. “Two dots reappeared off the surface of Io as well. Could mean a number of factors. One of them is my worst nightmare: they acquired a sample for use as a weapon. I’m not blind to the OPA’s cause, and I definitely don’t consider them innocent. I’ll tell you now that I’m sympathetic to their cause, mainly because they didn’t get governmental recognition in a political organization called the United Nations, but let us not talk about future debates. We need to talk about the alien stuff. The OPA destroyed the station because that would turn into an Eros situation if not stopped. Of course Protogen didn’t do all of this alone; they had the sticky-ass bureaucracy of the UN behind their backs, but they were a major part of the conspiracy and a major driver, as evidenced by the stuff I presented earlier. I wish I could find out more about who funded them and—“

    The door bust open suddenly in the middle of the pair’s debate. Masked men armed with rifles pointed to most of the Security Council except those who stood up and held the others at gunpoint. “ALL OF YOU HANDS IN THE AIR!” one of the men shouted. Sheldon slowly raised his hands. Fancy meeting the Protoshit hitmen here.

  13. Oliver "Cervan" Yaeger

    Character Biography:
    UN HQ New York

    Cervan listened and thought while Sheldon responded to his statement. He didn't care about protogen since he had not been involved in their plot. What he did care about was the OPA, they were acting more and more aggressive and didn't scare away from attack Martian ships anymore, that attack hadn't simply been an isolated splinter cell or one desperate rockhopper but a major part of their faction.

    Suddenly the door of the council room slammed open and masked men with rifles stormed the room.
    A few of the council members pulled out guns as well, revealing themselves to everyone. Well, it had been a good idea not participating in their wasteful cause after all.

    He didn't even bother standing up from his chair or raising his hands. The whole endeavor was pointless and stupid. He poured himself another cup of coffee and blew away the steam rising from the cup as he slowly shook his head.


    @Emmet Sheldon
  14. Rachel Lei

    Rachel Lei Gunner on the NPS Kanyari

    Character Biography:
    Io - Protogen Facility - Laboratory

    The base rumbled as the belter ship laden with children, rescued from the experiments of Protogen, kicked on its drive and burned away from the base. The remaining Protogen staff breathed a collective sigh of relief, unlocking office doors, coming out of safe rooms and bunkers. They chuckled nervously, some raising their eyebrows at each other in mock surprise. They knew one day that someone would come knocking, the rumors had been spreading through the project since they heard of a part of the team being taken hostage at Thoth station, many never to be heard from again until their names showed up on the casualty lists from Tycho.

    It took a few minutes for them to return to their work. Many went to the head, some to the mess haul to get something to eat. But a few were so dedicated to their work they went directly for the labs, only to discover their precious test subjects, belter children possessing a rare genetic defect, were no longer there. Instead a peculiar four-legged robot too motionless in the middle of the room. As a researcher approached it, the thing cocked its body to the side, before turning its "head", a complex arrangement of sensors and scanners, to face the man before emitting a series of whoops and trills.

    A moment later a sound like a high powered system starting up began to emanate from the robot as a heavy lead-lined box on it's side opened revealing a black sphere with a familiar yellow icon stenciled on its metal casing. The researcher had enough time to make a brief "oh" sound, before he was bathed in the brilliant white light of a nuclear detonation.

    The rocky mountains, volcanoes and crags of Io were briefly illuminated as a small star bloomed momentarily on it's surface. The explosion expanded past the perimeter of the Protogen base, before the brilliant white light faded and the familiar shape of a mushroom cloud billowed up into the sparse atmosphere of the moon, before it too eventually dissipated.

    All that was left of the base on Io was a charred black crater with a small amount of highly radioactive glass at its bottom.
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  15. Karen Ashoka

    Karen Ashoka Pilot on the MCRN Atrax

    Character Biography:
    The Atrax drifted through the void, its engines flicking to life as the ship slowly rebooted itself. Ashoka shook her head, trying to clear away some of the stars that still floated through her vision. As she slowly came back to consciousness,the discordant cacophony of alarms and sirens began to assault her hearing, each one supposed to communicate some dire emergency but together turning into a meaningless din. The console in front of her was cracked and flickering but across it various red warnings flashed across a graphic representation of her ship.

    As for her two, the screen displaying their vitals showed several yellow and red warning, mostly fractured ribs, blood pressure alerts, loss of consciousness, luckily nothing immediately life threatening...Except for the three high radiation doses they had all received, telltale signs of either an all-out nuclear exchange or vessels going critical...her mind slowly wandered back to the Velociraptor...and the situation began to fall into place....but the damage was more severe then that, the doomed MCRN cruiser had been a significant distance from the Atrax, even though the corvette was burning hard for it. "Hey...guys are...are you okay?" She called down to the ops deck, tring not to cough in the hazy cabin. "Yeah Skip...a little beat up but we're okay," replied Liz.

    When she pulled up her sensor panel, she realised that something had gone terribly terrible wrong. Four radiological warnings blinked on the sensor readout. One nuclear explosion on the surface of Io, one near Jupiter which could have only been the Velociraptor going critical, and two more nuclear detonations where the UNN Knight and King along with Ashoka's battlegroup Sierra-2, had been several minutes ago.

    It was as if god had reached out of his own dimension and simply plucked a dozen transponders out of existence. Sierra-2 was gone, all three cruisers and the two Silhouette corvettes were gone, replaced with a cloud of debris. The two crippled UNN battleships were also gone, judging from the epicenter of the detonations, they had blown their reactors rather than risk spreading whatever bio-weapon was aboard those pods.

    Nearby, another UNN battleship and a UNN battlegroup floated serenely, apparently unscathed from the violent events which had just taken place. As she stared at the sensors in shock, her terminal flickered and chimed as a incoming transmission reached the Atrax damaged communication suite.

    "This is Wright to any MCRN ships over Io, please respond. The Simurgh is making best speed to render aid." The familiar if strained void of Steven Wright came over the channel. The Simurgh, the crown jewel of the fleet, was on it's way. Karen could feel herself losing consciousness once again, the edged of her vision starting to blur. She had enough time to set up a distress signal before unconsciousness rushed back in.

    @Steven Wright
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  16. Io, After the Explosions

    Sailors were crying aboard the Truman. Few people experienced a calamity of this scale, let alone done by a contagious unit. They had lost friends and interfleet mates. The captain stood steadfast at the middle of the CIC, thinking about the calamity at hand.

    “Captain, camera footage of the contagion captured and tightbeamed to Deputy Undersecretary Sheldon. Sir?”

    “There’s nothing to see here. Nothing but death. Sailor, have you have any opinion about this?”

    “Captain, on account of the Silence Guideline, I am not allowed to answer—“

    “Just answer my question.”

    “I... uhh... I don’t know. It’s just, everything went by so fast. I... don’t know.”

    “It’s ok, sailor.”

    The captain made a prayer to himself, pleading God to forgive his mistakes and started to organize the sea of people in the CIC, most of which were refugees from the Knight. He then broadcasted another widebeam to all the fleets in the area.

    “All ships within the battlefield, the Harry S. Truman is initiating a ceasefire on account of the calamity and human cost that has happened here. May God help us all.”

    The Truman’s old, battlescarred appearance towered over the cruisers and corvettes left over. It had served as a defuser for those who lost someone during the Io campaign and may stay there for a while.
  17. Simurgh fleet

    Character Biography:

    Dozens of collision capsules leave the Simurgh at high speed. They appeared out of nowhere, more precisely from a slight entry into the hull, which entered continuously closed, giving the impression that the collision capsules literally appeared from the skin of the vessel!

    Like 10 fireflies lost between the stars, heading towards the huge cylinder that at the front was pulling on them. The terrorist fleet quickly calmed down and at what appeared to be the Tycho team came out with a funny story of extremists who hijacked the controls with legitimate authority. To the great surprise of the Martians, the capsules were not slaughtered! They hung up without any problem in the external airlocks of the generational vessel. As soon as the navies opened up, they emerged to take control of key points without really meeting any resistance.

    The Marines boarded the elevator to the command bridge, accompanying a small team of technicians. The ops deck is so out of the ordinary that some marines could not get a look at the ceiling or the stained glass windows. In the centre is a man whom the HUD identify as Morné du Plessi. The weapons in the direction of the latter (and also towards his team). The squad leader activates his external speaker.

    " On behalf of the Republic of the Martian Congress, you are all under arrest as part of an investigation! As promised by Vice-Admiral Wright, no one here will be hurt or mistreated as long as they cooperate. I'm Captain Snow and I'm leading the forces on this ship now. My teams are in charge of monitoring the critical points of the ship, so don't worry about that. Now, you will cooperate with me on the following two points: 1) The Nauvoo is being requisitioned by the Navy under the force of terrorist weapons laws, I now ask you to direct it to Callisto! 2) I ask everyone to cooperate so that the ship gets on board safely, if anyone here is guilty of something or suspects and their position is critical. He can continue his work, he will have the right to his arrival to lawyers, I promise you."

    His marines slowly grew up, as if they were convinced that someone would come out of nowhere to jump on them. The technicians who came with the Martian team timidly deployed on deck. Like striking lightning, the captain reactivates his loudspeaker.

    "I almost forgot, I brought technicians with me! They'll be there to help in case."

    He waited for the situation to get out of hand, for a belter to write a criterium based on "DEATH TO THE INVADER" or something like that, with obviously a grenade in his hand. Seeing that none of the disaster scenarios occurred, he took off his helmet and looked into Morné's eyes. Then in a low voice

    " Mr Morné Du Plessis, thank you for your cooperation. You are obviously under arrest! You will have the right to a lawyer as promised by Wright once you arrive and, uh, you can continue to run the operations from the bridge, as long as... you know nothing serious is happening."

    @Morne du Plessis
  18. Chloe Emerson

    Chloe Emerson "Wren"

    Character Biography:
    Nick half dragged the flagging Chloe into the barely passable medical bay. He glanced around the sparse room with a scowl on his stern features -- the situation wasn't exactly ideal. Grunting, he lay the woman down on the medical bed and strapped her down to it. There wasn't much more he could do for her... but perhaps there was someone on the ship who could. Without a word, the gruff man turned to make his way to the room where the captive doctor was being held.

    There was a young woman sitting in a crash couch in the room with a rifle casually resting in her lap, ignoring the doctor for the most part. She glanced up to Nick when the door slid open, arching a brow at his rather disheveled appearance.

    "Take him to the medical bay. Wren's in bad shape." He said bluntly to the woman, jerking his head back towards the lift.

    "But wait, what about-" The doctor was interrupted by the guard roughly dragging him onto his feet out of his chair.

    Nick didn't stay long enough to watch the guard do her job. She'd see that Chloe was tended to by the 'doctor' one way or another.

    Instead, Nick made his way up to the small flight deck, squeezing himself through the hatch and into a chair behind Remi.

    "Get us back to the station, but try to avoid any high-g maneuvers." He said as he pulled up the terminal in front of him, still frowning. "Kids and Casualties are on board."
  19. Morne du Plessis

    Character Biography:
    "I'm afraid Du Plessis is done on deck seven. We've turned one of the workshops into a holding area. I'm Nikolas Becker, formerly Tycho Station docking control." The man was tall, even for a belter. Despite everything he had been through he had tried to keep his Tycho uniform in some semblance of order.

    Much of the ops deck was damaged. The consoles near the main doors where the breaching charges had gone off mostly destroyed. There were several bullet marks on the walls and one right through a screen which somehow continued to function.

    "I don't want to risk taking this ship through a heavy burn right now. Suggest a course to Callisto that doesn't exceed half a gee. The bridge is yours."

    It had been deeply unpleasant. The sheer concussive force of their own charges going off meters away had knocked him senseless. Before he even knew which was was up hands had been clasped around his shoulders dragging him away from the consoles. His magboots had been taken off and his hands bound as the Nauvoo's great engines were powered down.

    The workshop turned holding pen was a nice touch. He hadn't told anyone to do that. His group of 'loyalists' were penned in tight with their hands bound. Armed Tycho guards were at the doors. He expected that it would not be long before they came for him.
  20. Remi Lièvremont

    Character Biography:
    "Ya," was all Remi would say. His eyes never left his instruments. A bead of sweat rolled down from his temple and down the line of his jaw. The ship was deeply unhappy about being flown so close to the ground. So was he, but there wasn't much of a choice in the matter. Couldn't go burning away from the surface without a whole load of unwanted attention. In their hold might be the answer to saving Violet, even if there was no hope for the unborn child.

    Alarms blared. The atmosphere was far too thin for the shockwave to do anything more than give the ship a gentle nudge but he still had to fight the controls to keep her level.

    "Pashang! Did you set a fucking nuke and not think to tell me?" he demanded. The bead of sweat fell to his chest and he held a breath as he steadied the ship. "I'll get us back soon," he told himself as much as anyone else.

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