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  1. Anicarn

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    Well, in my opinion, we have a little problem with the UN's political RP. No one knows what this system really looks like, nor what the organs of the UN are used for. I think that keeping it all very vague prevents new (or even current) players from playing deep into Earth politics. I have the impression that the fact that people are in the "dark" about how the system works makes them less willing to do it.

    Especially since it sometimes creates (or can create) contradictions ,in different RPs, between the roles and powers of such and such a position or body.

    What I propose is that we agree on the different organs of the UN and their role. Nothing very deep, just make it clear about it. As a general guide that would help players. Nothing forced, nothing too deep. It simply explains how the system works.

    I think we have some canonical materials to work on, especially since the series and books seem to imply that the general structure, organ and position seems to have remained the same as at the beginning of the 21st century.

    What do you think about that?
  2. Baldur

    I think that could be very useful in terms of developing not only titles/roles for character growth but I think it would provide a clearer view on the tug of war the Belt experiences between Earth and Mars. As to the specifics, I'm largely unfamiliar but I like the idea of having a loose structure/explanation so that it's easier to identify and recognize the importance of the UN as an entity.
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    If you want to begin adding more information to the UN Wiki Page, describing the organisations structure, positions of power etc, go for it. Obviously if there is anything odd we will notify you, but as long as everything makes sense and has some form of reference to established RP's then there's no reason why you can't start this project.

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