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LFG - Small Group Buildup Thread for Zarr Station

Discussion in 'Roleplay Discussion' started by Her Manus, Nov 4, 2018.

  1. Her Manus

    Her Manus Some Guy from some place

    Her Manus#7927
    Hello people,

    after Butters threw around some ideas i decided to create a new Location.
    Zarr Station is a small modular research, observation and test mining station position in an orbit around Pluto, making it the most remote outpost in the whole solar system.
    We are planning to create a build up thread that tells the story of this station.
    We will start with the construction and end at the moment in or a bit before our current time when the station goes dark.

    Anyone who is interested may reply to a thightbeam message that will soon be posted by the CEO of Zathog&Edwards
    Characters that will be needead at the start are construction personnel and later on engineers, technicians, researchers and scientists from all different factions.

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  2. Damien

  3. Cpt_Buttersworth

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    Nice, getting on this asap :)

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