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Staff Board Events & You

Discussion in 'Widebeam Messages' started by Alric, Mar 17, 2018.

  1. Alric

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    Hey guys!

    So we here on ExpanseRP staff strive to create a cohesive story that follows along the general lines of the Expanse Universe. Of course, due to our freeform RP and the way we allow things to happen, our stories will not exactly match up in the way things happened in the show or books.

    Due to this we will be creating multiple pages in the Events section of our Wiki

    Thing is, we don't want to be a board where Staff controls and does everything. We would much rather source input and creation from you guys, the members, who participated in events.

    So, this post is basically a way to communicate that to you guys. We want you to write about the events that have happened on the board. These events should be major, but also minor things. For an example here is the list that Staff worked up;
    • Tycho coup/riot
    • The Blockade on Ceres - Major
    • Phoebe raid
    • Phoebe destroyed - Major
    • Coalition ball
    • The Chase
    • Eros Incident - Major
    • Star Helix missing weapons
    These are all of the events that we as staff would eventually like seeing written up in articles in the event Wiki section. You'll notice that some of these events are marked as "major" and that mean they will eventually be featured in our Timeline section as they are more prominent in understanding the larger story of ExpanseRP.

    So what can you do?

    Well that's pretty simple. If you have the time and knowledge, we would love for you to create or contribute to a wiki article of these events(and others of this general scope/size). A great Example of format can be found in the Blockade of Ceres article which was begun by some of our staff and members.

    We want us to form our story as a community, and contributing to the creation of these articles is a great way for you to not only help us out, but the board in general.
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  2. Lukas Forgrave

    Lukas Forgrave Scourge of the Water Pipes

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    For the Star Helix missing weapons, are you referring to the weapons/armor that went missing and was shipped off to Eros for CPM? If so, that's still currently under investigation but once it's wrapped up, I'll throw up an event article for it.
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  3. Josephus Miller

    Suggestion for updated list of events:


    -Opening of the Gates

    -First Wave Union forms
    -NPS moves
    -Unioner Civil War begins over Nautilus
    -Martians start going rogue
    -Attack on Providentia
    -All events that kill off book/TV canon characters between books 1 and 3 in RP canon
  4. Cpt_Buttersworth

    Cpt_Buttersworth Moderating the shipping lanes

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    When work calms down a bit I plan on getting back into the timeline and updating it to reflect the current / recent events & changes. This will probably occur around in 1-2 months.

    If any board members want to help, I recommend writing up any parts that are relevant to your characters or stories and posting them in either the discord or here for approval by staff before entering them into the timeline.

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