EARTH Blood of Heroes

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  1. Gwenaël Suess

    Gwenaël Suess Deceased

    Earth, 12 kilometers from New York, Memorial of Fallen Heroes
    2 months after the Io Champaign

    The place had been picked well. A small hill, overlooking the coast, exactly the right place for something like this.

    Clark stood in the first row of participants. They were already halfway into the ceremony and she had just received a medal specially made to reward be given to the participants of the Ganymede Incident and the Io Champaign.

    After the official ceremony was over and most journalists had ceased flooding her with questions Livia walked over to the memorial. It was a massive rock made out of metal plates. Written on it stood "To those who have fallen to protect the UN in the incidents of the years 2350 and 2351, may they rest in peace." and engraved above it were the seals of the UNN and the UNMC. The rest of the rock was covered in names, thousands of names.

    Norman Basquerro, Slimani, Craddock, Wilburn Boucher, Gwenael Suess, Otmar O'Dolye, Simon Favire, Zoran Lowell, Daniel Idowu, Adam Hilman and countless more

    The Knights former XO sighed. She let her hand slide over the memorial, its metal plates still heated by the midday sun, until she found his name. Without even realizing it she took off her new shiny medal and laid it down on the walkway beneath it together with a bouquet of flowers she had bought earlier.

    Other survivors came to the memorial and following her example, put their medals down to rest with the dead. Soon the metal rock was surrounded by flowers, pictures, and medals. As the crowd of people slowly grew smaller and smaller the number of medals around the memorial grew bigger and bigger.

    OOC Information: If you have names to add to the list above send me a private message. Any character can come here and pay their respects to the fallen. However only survivors of the Ganymede Incident and Io Champaign may put down their medal.
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  2. Thomas Pearson

    Character Biography:
    Memorial of Fallen Heroes, 5 minutes before the ceremony.

    Thomas was allowed to go on shore leave for this event specifically. Fleet Command arranged for him to be promoted to admiral for his defusing and relief efforts during the Io campaign. When he arrived at the ceremony, people were already giving their medals to the fallen. It struck him deep inside that a drug company did all of this. Countless amounts of people dead because of the abuse of a weapon of mass destruction. He wished that it wouldn't have gone this way, that he could've saved the Pete Knight, Agatha King, Tyrannosaurus, and countless other vessels. He quietly shuffles in as he mourns the young men and women of the Harry S. Truman who gave their lives in trying to save the Pete Knight.

    Formal Beginning

    The crowd prepared to listen as the man who commanded the vessel that defused the situation made his way to the podium.

    "Ladies and gentlemen, I thank you all for attending this ceremony to commemorate those who had their lives taken in the outer moons. Those who valiantly served the nation we adore until their untimely deaths in the line of duty. I'll be dedicating this eulogy for the countless people who had died during that grim time."

    "Most of these people were my close friends. Some were like brothers, and in time, I considered the Navy as my second family. A family of tight-knit bonds of those who had a significant commonality with each other. I felt like a large part of me was taken when I saw the two Trumans blow up almost simultaneously."

    "In my long time in duty, I saw many eager cadets that grew to be many assortments of ranks in the navy. Most I got along with, some were assholes, but I saw a deep passion in their eyes that made me think that they were good in God's eyes. I almost thought that I lost my touch when I got stuck in captain while other, much younger people rose to admirals."

    "I grew especially fond of a strange recruit that came from the intel folks. His name was Gwenael Suess. Suess was like a son to me. We would often spend time together, enjoying the occasional scotch or beer, and I offered him my advice, the same that he offered his. You know he actually poured cold water on my face while I was sound asleep. God what a move that was. When I saw that the ship he was serving on, the Pete Knight, was destroyed, I was devastated. My closest bud and beer buddy had been taken by the cruelty that is war. I will never forget his sacrifice at that moment."

    Pearson continued his eulogy for two more minutes until surrendering the podium on the verge of tears. He quietly sat back to his chair, and never spoke for a long while.
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  3. Oliver "Cervan" Yaeger

    Oliver "Cervan" Yaeger Commander of UNN Frontier Fleet

    Character Biography:
    Earth, Memorial of Fallen Heroes

    Cervan listened to Pearson's speech, how he talked about Suess. He himself had known the man briefly but had never talked to him. After the newly appointed Admiral left the stage in tears, Cervan himself, as the senior-most Navy officer available stepped forward and took his place at the microphone.

    "I speak to you today, not as an Admiral, not as your Commanding Officer, but as your comrade. As one of you."

    He paused to take off the cap of his white dress uniform.

    "For us, the storm has passed... conflict is over, for now. But let us never forget those who journeyed into the howling dark and did not return. For their decision required courage beyond measure; sacrifice, and unshakable conviction that their fight... our fight, was elsewhere. As we start to recover, this hillside will remain barren, a memorial to heroes fallen. They ennobled all of us, and they shall not be forgotten."

    Admiral Yaeger turns around and places a bouquet flowers onto the stairs of the memorial and salutes.

    Eighteen Marines of the UNMC Honor Guard standing in a line, draw their rifles and fire three volleys in unison, a three-volley-salute to the fallen. The sound of the shots echo through the nearby landscape.
  4. Karen Ashoka

    Karen Ashoka Patrolling the Slow Zone

    Character Biography:
    Earth - Memorial of Fallen Heroes

    Karen stood to attention as the sound of the rifles being fired split the solemn atmosphere. The tried to keep her eyes straight, staring at the podium, but every now and again she had to look down at her feet, adjust her position and bring them slowly back to so as to not topple over in Earth's strange gravity. It was so much worse than she could have imagined, the air was hot, once also tainted, like there was some nearby forest fire that had been raging for years.

    She had stepped out of the Martian dropship three days ago, at a punishing burn from Jupiter to Earth. On the way she had been briefed, she would join a small delegation of Martian military and political staff, to make an appearance at the memorial ceremony, as one of the only surviving members of the Martian force at Io, she was given the honour. She would speak, briefly but words spoken by a Martian on Earth soil, nonetheless. She felt both exhilarated and terrified all at once, the first martian to take a podium at a united Earth-Mars ceremony, commemorating the great losses from both of their sides. She again felt some slightly vertigo and looked down at her boots again.

    Her time had come, her handler, a tall, severe but genuine man by the name of Colonel Chadha put her hand on her shoulder and gave it the smallest of squeezes, before she took a step, then another, and steadily made her way up to the podium. She wore her Navy Dress uniform, as did all the members of the gathered militaries present. The black with red trimming standing out starkly against the blue's of the UNN. As she steadied herself in front of the podium, she took a deep breath and looked up and over the crowd. A sea of hard, stern faces gazed back at her. Many were not happy about the presence of a Martian on the now hallowed soil of the memorial, but many Martians had also died and so they begrudgingly stayed silent.

    "Men and women of the United Nations, delegates from the Martian Congressional Republic, I thank you for giving me the honour of speaking before you today. Our two great nations have come to a point where our future hangs in the balance, we stand on the precipice, facing forces beyond our comprehension and threatening not only our way of life but the survival of our species," some in the crowd wavered, here and there a head shook or eyes rolled, but whatever they wanted to say, they stayed silent.

    Karen continued, "this great tragedy had shown that divided we can be hurt, divided we can be killed, divided we can be weak. Our great nations have both suffered, we have lost loved ones, we have lost families, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers...But we must learn from our division. We must allow this to make us stronger, to fight against the darkness and bring the light of civilisation, of democracy and of the solar system. Together we are strong, and I...along with my countrymen, stand beside you, people of Earth, against the darkness."

    She stood for a second, as a tear welled up and fell down her cheek, it fell faster than she was used to, splattering louder on the podium than she had ever heard. "They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old; Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning, We will remember them."

    She stood back from the podium, turned to the collected leaders of the United Nations military and saluted them, many returned her salute, a grim agreement in their expressions. She made her way back to her seat, not making eye contact with Colonel Chadha, not out of fear of making a mistake, but so he wouldn't see the tears in her eyes as the "Last Post" was played on a bugle.

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  5. Emmet Sheldon

    Emmet Sheldon Deputy Undersecretary of Political Affairs

    Character Biography:
    Sheldon arrived late in the afternoon when most of the party had gone. His old ship, old crew, everyone he knew when he was in service with the navy had all been affected. He felt like he had a moral calling to take responsibility for all these lives he failed to protect, he failed to save. When he pulled over, the scale of the war finally set in. In the setting sun, he saw all the graves, lives taken by a lie of a war. An arms race that had gone completely wrong. It felt ironic that the UN flag was waving high above, as if it was indicative that they won this war. No one did.

    He slowly walked along the graves in silence, grief heavy on his shoulders. Suess, Boucher, crew of some of the Truman’s skiffs, Ganymede casualties. All the times that he knew he failed his job. He touched his cross, the one that he would bring on occasions like this, begging God to let these people rest their souls. By the time he was almost finished, the sun had already set. All that was left were slivers of orange and purple in place of where the sun once was, and all that was left of Sheldon’s personal integrity was gnawing regret.

    After grieving the last grave, he slowly walked the long path back to where he parked his car. He was in a hypnotic daze, processing how many human lives were lost under his watch. His face was plastered by a dead look, his eyes in a thousand-yard stare, his jaw slightly opened as if he was an undead. Along his slow parade, he gripped his cross, hoping that he still had innocence in the eyes of God. When he finally made it to the gate bordering him, his car, and the abyss below, he finally broke. His face slowly turned into one that resembled a child that had lost his mother, and he sobbed, tie and unbuttoned coat flapping in the wind.

    He wouldn’t snap out of his gaze until he went home to his room in downtown New York.
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  6. Karen Ashoka

    Karen Ashoka Patrolling the Slow Zone

    Character Biography:
    Ashoka, like much of the small Martian delegation, sat awkwardly through the rest of the ceremony and were quickly whisked towards their transport the moment the formalities were complete. However before climbing into the luxurious interior of an electric vehicle, Ashoka stopped an dlooked back at the great metal sail that had been erected on the hillside. Quickly, she turned back to the vehicle there where her handler, Colonel Chadha, sat looking at her expectantly.

    "Sir, permission to approach the memorial one last time?" She looked at the man, who seemed to go through several emotions in a matter of seconds before he let out a small sigh. "Granted, be back in five minutes sailor." Ashoka saluted, turned on her heel and began walking briskly back up the dirt road to where the newly set concrete path began, and from there worked her way back up the barren hillside to the base of the enormous structure.

    As she walked she could feel the cold hatred of the Earther's around her, their gazes burrowing into her back. And while she felt the rising urge to turn and run back to the Martian delegation, she forced herself to stay strong and ascend the stairs up to the memorial.
    At the top, her gaze met with the distant horizon, a brilliant yellow and gold, mixed with the cool grey of the distant ocean. A wave of vertigo threatened to unsteady her but she took a breath, planted her feet and turned to face the wall of the memorial where thousands of names were etched in gold. In the setting sun it seemed almost as if they glowed with fire, her eyes watering slightly as he gaze passed over name after name until resting on one.

    Cassandra Ashoka

    Her sister.
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