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FRONTIER An Old Man In Wild Space

Discussion in 'Open Roleplay' started by Oliver "Cervan" Yaeger, Jul 12, 2019.

  1. Oliver "Cervan" Yaeger

    Oliver "Cervan" Yaeger Commander of UNN Frontier Fleet

    Character Biography:
    Frontier Worlds
    Chislar System
    In orbit over Sojól Primaris

    Bridge of the UNN Otto Von Bismarck II

    Admiral Jäger stood at the central ops table of the Bismarck and was coordinating the colonization efforts of the Chislar System.

    It had first been surveyed by a UN probe following the opening of the rings but had not been touched since them. Now they UN had dispatched a colony fleet to establish a foothold in the system.

    They were now sending down the first wave of landing craft. About a dozen colony landers, four M-Type dropships and eight L-Type Dropships .

    The landers carried both colonists, construction materials and nutrition, while the dropships carried primarily personnel and would serve as a makeshift permieter against the local wildlife. They would establish the first foothold on the planet and begin contstructing the colony.

    "Sir, first wave is on its way." Came the annoucement from his comms officer.

    "Ok, give me a sitrep for the Hieron and the Cassius."

    "They have dispatched their complement of landing craft and are now making preperations for the second wave."

    While the dropships made landfall Cervans attention focused on the big screen that occupied the front part of the bridge. It displayed a tactical view of the whole system, showing all mapped objects that Chislar contianed.

    The world itself was pretty. It consisted primarily off ocean which took up roughly 60% of its surface volume. There were three notable continents in that giant sea and they were barely the size of australia. The rest of the planet was filled with small archipeligos and islands of various sizes. The climate was often warmer than that of earth and the landmass they had set foot on was split by a giant mountain relief.

    The only problem were the animals, the atmospheric makeup and the biological composition of the local wildlife fostered animals much much larger than those on earth, the smallest they had been able to find on their first survey had been dog sized, and not those small dogs you could pick up and carry in a bag.

    Yaeger dragged his eyes away from that maginfiecnet view and strode over to his command chair.
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  2. Oliver "Cervan" Yaeger

    Oliver "Cervan" Yaeger Commander of UNN Frontier Fleet

    Character Biography:
    After six hours the bulk of the colony was safely settled on the planet and it didn't look like they were gonna need anymore assistance, so the Bismarck soon began to move towards the Chislar Gate.

    "ETA until transition?"

    "Roughly one week and two days, Sir."
    Came the answer fron the ships helmsman, Mark Jordan. The man was one of the fresher officers on the ship, joining the crew just a few weeks following the Io Champaign. One of those young, energetic and patriotic teenagers that ran to the next recruiter after they saw the news.

    He had proven to be a good pilot though.
    "Ready our probes, plot a pattern that'll take them back to the gate."

    "Aye, Sir."

    "I'll be in my quarters."
    He stood up from his chair and took the elevator to the next level. In his quarters he was greeted by a large bundle of data that still waited from him to work through. Info papers on laws, regulations, taxations, handling of colonial resistance and more. Dozens of pages of information that he needed to inhale into his mind.

    He pulled out a bottle of synthesized orange juice and began reading through the first paper about the handling of alien artifacts. Much of his personal time had already went into this topic but the UNN, and by extension the Sol Coalition had put out a new regulation declaring that all alien tech must be secured upon discovery and then studied by designated teams to avoid it falling into the wrong hands. Of course they just wanted it for themselves, but Cervan wasn't gonna complain about that.
  3. Alister Highland

    Alister Highland UNMC Sergeant

    Character Biography:
    Frontier Worlds
    Chislar System
    Sojól Primaris

    Basecamp 1

    Alister and his squad had been part of the first landfall. The dropships had made landfall in and around a large ditch. The location was good, the ditch itself protected them from the elements, the rocks on the hills allowed for plenty of cover and made establishing a defensive perimeter easier and just a few hundred meters away there was a small plateau that they'd use to establish a landing platform.

    A kilometer to the east begun the tree line of the nearby forest. The plains they occupied were filled with boulders peaking up through the dirt. A thing to behold off was the coulor of the hills, the long grass like leaves were blood red. One of the scientists had explained that it was due to some unusually high concentration of some nutrient or mineral Al couldn't remember. It was definitely pretty though.

    While workers began unloading and setting up the prefab shelters, teams of scientist began taking their first samples and Highland got together with his Marines. The ditch was roughly half a kilometer in diameter and had a few bigger boulders scattered throughout with a few larger ones on the hilltops surrounding them. For now the hilltops were occupied by their L-Type dropships. They were equipped with a 40mm PDC, two automatic machine guns and three heat seeking missiles. Those would serve as a makeshift defensive perimeter. Now it was the task of his platoon to fill out the gabs of the perimeter with guard posts and sort out patrols.

    Alister himself had been assigned to protecting one of the scientists that had joined them. A young woman with brown hair and a pretty face.

    So while part of his men startes establishing their perimeter he took the rest and began to assist in the assembly of the colony.
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  4. Alister Highland

    Alister Highland UNMC Sergeant

    Character Biography:

    It had now been a week since landfall. The prefab structures had been constructed for the most part and they had been sending out the first teams.

    Alister was just sitting on top of one of the dropships when he heard a scream from the nearby woods. He sprang to his feet, pulled out his binoculars and looked up and down the treeline. "Ey guys, did you hear that?"

    "Aye, Sir. Can't see anything though."

    "Borbley, Merx, Rey get to my position asap."

    Just a few seconds later, three marines came sprinting to his position. Alister jumped down from the dropship. "We are gonna go over there and see what that was, you guys keep an eye out."



    She'd sat in her barrack for most of the day, examining a few plant samples, when she heard the scream she ran outside as fast as she could. Many of the other colony occupants did just the same. A few marines were standing on the hillside facing the forest.

    Around her the other colonist began looked at each other, talking and slowly fear and worry spread through the camp. While more people came outside the group of marines began walking down the hill towards the treeline. Linda quickly made her way up to the hill so she could see what was happening. A few other people did the same but the marines told them to turn around.

    "Professor Taggart, please return to your barrack, we'll deal with this."

    Completely ignoring what the young marine approaching her had said she asked. "Could I borrow your binoculars?"

    "Uhm... no of course not, that's military hardware..."
    he was cut off by her simply snatching the binoculars from his armour. Not sure how to react he stood there silent while she looked through his binoculars at the forest.

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