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Event A Test of Strength

Discussion in 'Open Roleplay' started by Cpt_Buttersworth, Dec 17, 2019.

  1. William Buttersworth

    William Buttersworth Director of PS&E, Captain of the Revenge

    Character Biography:
    The fleet was suffering. They'd lost almost half of their civilian militia, with many more vessels requesting permission to retreat, some even begging. With the Pale Horse gone, they had no way of triaging their fleet or helping their wounded, their main source of support had disappeared in a ball of fusion and fire, but it was not in vain.

    The rogue Martian fleet had also suffered staggering losses. Almost all of their frigates had been destroyed, laying down their lives to save the Baltisk from further bombardment. Every time a torpedo got too close or one of his ships lined up a railgun shot, a frigate would dive out of formation and intercept...with its hull if necessary, so now dozens of burning wrecks littered space behind the advancing fleet.

    William watched with grim determination at the Nautilans boarded the donnager and began attacking it from the inside, reports of carnage and brutal deck to deck fighting began to reach his ears as he tapped into their battlenet. Several times the massive warship lost thrust, even began to drift for a short period...and Bill allowed himself a short moment to believe the vessel had been captured...but it returned with a vengeance, its four drives kicking back on, followed by its railguns reactivating and destroying one of his corvettes.

    He closed his eyes and whispered a small prayer for those poor, brave souls that burned inside the corvette, the very first of the Providence Security Fleet to be launched. The deck bucked as a railgun round pounded its way through several decks causing explosive decompression. Casualty reports began to stream in, but the Revenge was still operational. As the ship drifted, trying to reboot some of its systems after the well timed railgun attack, the Baltisk suddenly accelerated, heading straight towards the core of the defending fleet.

    Even with a sustained barrage, the remaining rogue Martian warships punched through the defending fleet, several militia ships detonating from counter attacks in the process. The Revenge flipped, along with the two destroyers and the two remaining corvettes and as one kicked on their drives to give chase.

    Now there was nothing but a small planetary defence militia between the Baltisk & Providentia. "All defence ships, break formation and make best speed back to Providentia, those ships need to be stopped."
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  2. Aden Peterson

    Character Biography:
    [Holding Cell - MCRN Baltisk]

    The ship had been pitching off and on of what Aden guessed to be four-g burns, and given the sounds around the ship of alarms and announcements, it appeared the Baltisk had been boarded. Standard boarding actions targeted three areas on the ship - CIC, Engineering, and the Bridge. If any of the three were lost, the ship could be crippled or controlled in a matter of minutes, via flushing atmosphere, killing the drives, taking over the computers, or weapons control to turn on the fleet.

    That is why Martian ships had a very simple solution to this problem - an ultimate solution. Condition Zero. A fail-safe in which if any of the key areas were taken, the entire ship would self-destruct. Reinforced doors bypassed, Marines killed, and no other option. Nothing would survive the apocalyptic explosion. It was ingrained in every Martian officer the procedures and conditions, and who was required to initiate the protocol. These officers were entrusted with keys, hidden within their wrist cuffs on their uniforms. Seconds after activation, there was no going back.

    In order to prevent this, a hostile force would need to take all three of the critical areas before defenders could even arm condition zero - which took only seconds. Simulations had considered that alternative almost impossible. However, it was still a fear. The MCRN Donnager had been lost to boarders, destroyed before she could fall. Immolating herself in a cascade of radiation and fire to save the system.

    To Aden, it meant that he needed to get off of this ship as soon as possible. Thankfully, less than 200 yards away (walking distance) on their same deck was the access to the MCRN Kopis - she may have a hole in the side, but she was still spaceworthy. And she had one of the few things Aden could think of to both get away - and carry out his new orders to causing as much havoc as possible. Six 40-mm cannons and two torpedo tubes. More than enough to cause some serious havoc inside the ship - if applied properly.

    Aden and his crew made for the door, slowly and keeping themselves low in case another heavy burn came in, so their fall would put them flat and not crunch their necks into their bodies. Thankfully to the defenders of the Baltisk, they appeared as IFF friendly, but they still weren't armed - and had a lot of ground to cover. They opened the door and slowly headed out, beginning to snake their way to the Kopis.
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  3. William Buttersworth

    William Buttersworth Director of PS&E, Captain of the Revenge

    Character Biography:
    Bill watched on grimly as another of his corvettes succumbed to the barrage from the rogue Martian fleet, it tumbled in space, venting atmosphere and reaction mass before violently detonating as its weapon magazines ignited. They were down to just one corvette, the Revenge and the two destroyers. The rest had either been destroyed or had sacrificed themselves in an attempt to slow the attackers down. It has worked...to an extent.

    Only The mighty Baltisk and its two flanking Sirocco class cruisers remained, but the cost had been high. Bill had to make the call to disband the defending militia or risk the entire system running out of freighters, rock hoppers and the rest of the vessels that attended...that normally filled crucial civilian roles. Many had fled into the belt, back to the gate and some to small, fledgling colonies on the other worlds in the system, but a small contingent remained, they paid dearly for their loyalty however as they were mercilessly torn apart by Martian railguns.

    Providentia was no longer just a distant glimmer, but a sphere hanging in the void. It's weather, oceans and continents could now be made out, as could craters on its moon...and the lights of the OCB. Emergency evacuations were being carried out down on the surface, they had mapped out the trajectory of the Baltisk, and where it would strike when it eventually reached the planet, surprisingly close to Nassau, the planets first and only cit. Thus the Core and the colony's representative council had agreed that evacuation was the best course of action for the hundreds of thousands of settlers. But none of it mattered if the Baltisk was able to secure the planet...or destroy it.

    The Revenge banked, rolling slowly bringing each of its remaining PDCs to bear on one of the Sirocco's, pounding it with repeated torpedo launches and peppering its hull with PDC fire. The warship returned fire, blowing chunks of the Revenge's armour off into space. However the Core had designed the Revenge for exactly this kind of battle, up close...personal...a battle of attrition, explosives and armour. Bill continued to order strafing runs on the vessel and breathed a sigh of relief as its drives finally gave out and it fell behind the rest of the battle, tumbling in space as its reactor breached containment and ignited in yet another temporary star.

    "One down...two to go..." He said to himself. "Time to focus on that other Sirocco..." he said before being cut off by a flash on the display in front of him. One of his destroyers, The Raptor erupted in gout's of flame and atmosphere. The ship began to spiral rapidly out of control as its port drive cone was shredded to pieces by one of the Baltisk's railguns. It careened wildly, Bill watching in grim bewilderment as the warship collided with the only other remaining Sirocco, burying itself half way into the side of the warship before initiating condition zero and taking it with them.

    "Open a tightbeam to the Baltisk, all frequencies."

    "You're on Sir."

    "This is William Buttersworth, leader of the Providence Security Force. You have been defeated. Shut down your reactor and we will allow you to disembark without retribution. You are beaten."

    Nothing. No response...not even so much as a whispered fuck you. "Radiological alarm!" Shouted one of the bridge crew, as William looked on in horror. Several torpedo tubes opened on the prow of the warship as its railguns turned to face to Revenge. "Launches detected....three...five...twelve launches detected...scanning for yield....Sir those are-"

    "Planet busters," Bill said, his shoulders sagging. He watched, along with the crew of the Revenge and the Reconciliation, the only two remaining ships in the defence fleet...as a dozen nuclear missiles exited the front of the Baltisk and rocketed off towards the planet. Bill began to squeeze the railing he was leaning on so hard that it buckled and warped, his augmented strength rending the metal and popping rivets along the railings fixtures to the deck. "I want everything we have....to fire upon that ship."

    "Sir, the Nautlians are still aboard."

    "Transmit an emergency beacon to Captain Hunter, tell him he has five minutes before we pound that thing to dust."

    The Revenge opened up with every single PDC it had as its disposal sending trails of white hot tungsten into the side of the vessel, strafing it mercilessly from stem to stern, its three railguns swiveled on their mounts and began to pound the ship relentlessly, blowing holes in as many decks as their reloading mechanisms would allow. The Reconciliation followed suit, unleashing a brutal volley of torpedoes that impacted the warship across its entire port side, totally shearing off one of its engines which tumbled out into the void spewing radiation as it went.

    The warship was not defenceless however, and using its remaining drives, rotated to bring both of its railguns to bear on the destroyer, within moments the ship had been shattered, its reactor leaking into the void and flames erupting from countless holes in its hull.

    "How long until impact?"

    "Seven minutes sir..."

    "Damage estimates?"

    "If the Core is estimating correctly....uh...total...Sir. The entire hemisphere exposed to the detonations will be engulfed in a shockwave that'll flatten most of the continent...followed by a firestorm that will burn the rest...and after that a tsunami will wipe the surface clean. Estimated at least two percent of the planets mass will be ejected into space, posing a considerable threat to the OCB...where most of our people have been evacuated."
  4. Cpt_Buttersworth

    Cpt_Buttersworth Moderating the shipping lanes

    Character Biography:
    Commander Silva lay on a crash couch, globs of blood pooling in the wound on his abdomen. The bridge was in chaos, fire had engulfed half of it to the point the rest of the command crew had hastily donned vac suits before venting the atmosphere. Silva had tried to pull one on himself but half way through, a PDC round passed clean through him, sending blood splattering across the bridge and punching two holes in his vac suit. Instead, his first mate had strapped him into a couch and set up an emergency air blister around him, which was now slowly filling up with a small cloud of bloody droplets.

    They vented the bridge a moment later and the fire was doused. The ship shuddered and groaned as the belter warships continued to trade fire with it, and over the sirens the furious voice of the belters leader, William Buttersworth ordered them to shut down their reactor. Silva's vision began to swim the blood was coming faster now, spiraling around him as the ships drives were targeted and ripped from the rest of the superstructure. On the terminal in front of him, he entered a code and pressed his thumb into the scanner. It beeped insistently at him for a moment before chirping happily.

    Thumps and vibrations echoed through the decks as a dozen nuclear warheads were armed, loaded and launched. Silva watched with a satisfied smile as the missiles kicked on their drives, quickly leaving firing range of the defending ships. He slumped into his crash couch, his vision turning into a tunnel, colour fading from it as he lost more and more blood. He watched...as the command crew worked to return fire and keep the ship functioning...right up until all their heads turned to face the bulkhead leading to the rest of the ship.

    Sparks began to shower the bridge as a cutting torch began to work its way across the locked and barricaded doorway. Silva groaned, fumbling with the cuff on his wrist, pulling out a small, silver key from it. He had to set condition zero...it was the only way to wipe this scum out for good. The Belters wouldn't have enough time to leave...and the boarders were trapped here.

    The sparks continued to fly as the cutting torched worked its way across the bulkhead...he saw out of the corner of his eye...through his fading vision as the door came down and soldiers stormed the bridge...rushing toward him...

    He smiled cruelly as he lifted the key up...and attempted to insert it into the console in front of him.
  5. Destin Antares Hunter

    Destin Antares Hunter Commander, Vernier Federal Navy

    Character Biography:
    MCRN Baltisk - Providentia system - Frontier
    It was a godsend.
    The drives cut out, disabled by Buttersworth's railguns.
    "Cmon guys, up and out of this purgatory! We're rushing CIC!"
    His remaining troopers rushed out of the barracks and stormed the elevator shafts once again, this time uninterrupted by the drives or weaponised elevators. No Martians remained, either dead or hidden away. There wasn't much time. Buttersworth had told him five minutes. He'd already wasted three.
    Allison and Byron, his XO from what seemed like an age ago, took point with their now-useless Gatling gun, falling downwards towards the door where the rogue admiral and his traitorous band set up their command station. They ignited the torches, ripping a hole in the command deck. To his brief shock, Commander Silva, his old CO from his first post, the MCRN Cydonia, turned to face him.
    Destin threw a shock grenade inside.
    "Commander, we meet again. Have a nice trip to hell."
    And with that, a brilliant flash overcame the boarders, as Silva and his crew perished, their organs stressed by the aerial shockwave.
    Destin rushed inside the CIC and issued a brief transmission.
    "This is Commander Hunter of the-" He paused. Covenant deserved a victory too. Covenards were part of the task force. They laid down their lives for the cause.
    "This is Commander Hunter of the Vernier Federal Navy. The Baltisk is ours. All remaining rogue forces, surrender or be destroyed."
    Destin sighed.
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  6. Rachel Lei

    Rachel Lei Free Agent of Providentia

    Character Biography:
    The engines of the Kanyari grew to a deafening roar as it ascended through kilometres and kilometres of the planets crust, following the twisting, meandering and sometimes spiraling shape of the tunnel they had spent days descending into. Their expedition to the interior of the planet had been short lived.



    They had landed on an outstretched spire of some sort, in a cavernous space below the crust of Providentia. They had sent out dozens of drones in every direction, attempting to map the interior and discover its secrets. Most of the crew was outside the ship, walking around the peculiar alien architecture, taking photos...selfies...smoking cigarettes...stretching their legs. They had been cooped up inside their vessel for a while now...and they had gotten used to walking around on a planet. Only Rachel remained within the ship, leaning over the holotank, watching as the drones continued to map out thousands of kilometres of abstract, mind bending tunnels and caverns.

    "Things are getting heated upstairs."

    "Jesus fucking Christ Bart, what the fuck!" She cursed, jolting at the sound of her late Captains voice. She turned around to see the man leaning casually against the water recycler, blue wisps like fireflies buzzing around him...and that unsettling glow behind his pupils. "What do you want? Why the fuck am I seeing you?"

    "Storms coming...better batten down the hatches." He spoke in an odd way, like he was picking and choosing each word with a slight delay. Every time his lips moved they seemed to skip, lag and catch up. Rachel walked over to him cautiously, looking into those eyes that stared back without a hint of humanity or familiarity. "It's...you're...you're not real. How am I seeing you? I saw you die."

    She reached out, her fingers inches from his chest. He looked down at them, and back up to her before shaking his head, his eyes pulsing with blue light. She felt a chill go down her spine and retracted her hand...before a wave of nausea hit her. "What do you mean things are getting heated?" She questioned, steadying herself and taking a deep breath.

    The ghost...or projection...she didn't know....maybe she was going insane....stood up and casually sauntered over to the window, peering out and up into the tunnel which they had descended. "Up there...there's a storm coming...and if you don't batten down the hatches we're all going to suffer."

    "All? Who's all? YOU'RE DEAD" She shouted at him.

    "You need to leave, get upstairs. Now." As he said now he stamped his foot, and the entire ship shifted. She grabbed onto a railing to steady herself as the rest of the crew came running back up the cargo ramp and into the ops deck. Buttersworth had disappeared and the crew paid her barely any attention as they rushed through pre-flight checks and strapped themselves in. "Rachel, sit down!" Mack yelled at her.

    "What? Whats going on?" She replied, throwing herself into her crash couch and buckling in.

    "The spire...or...whatever that we landed on...its moving...collapsing...looks like the whole tunnel is closing up," Mack responded as he wrenched on the ships controls, the Kanyari's engines responding with a deafening roar.

    "We're aborting the mission and getting back to the surface," Damian said, turning around in his couch to face her. "I know you wanted to explore down here but it looks like whatever built this shit is waking up. We're pulling out. Punch it Mack."

    "Aye Cap," Mack replied before kicking on their drive and sending them hurtling back up through the tunnel.


    Rachel squinted as sunlight filled the cabin. The Kanyari shot out of the tunnel into the morning sky, its two drive cones filling the desert around with the Epstein's roar as it sailed up further into the sky, past the thin wispy cloud layer and into the upper atmosphere. "Hey Cap we have a priority alert...looks like....holy shit there's a fuck off massive space battle going on."

    The crew looked to their displays as the Kanny's sensor suite gathered data...dozens...hundreds of wrecks strewn across the system, the decimated defence fleet...a Martian battleship adrift...and ahead of them all...a dozen planet buster nuclear missiles heading directly for them.

    "Gunny, get a firing solution on those missiles," Damian shouted back. "Already on it Cap," Rachel replied as the targeting suite activated and a volumetric projection of the missiles appeared in front of her.

    The Kanyari roared into space, leaving a trail of super-heated atmosphere behind it and opened fire with its PDCs, tearing the tightly packed group of missiles to shreds. They shattered, veered off course, some detonating harmlessly, others cracking apart and sending trails of debris burning into the atmosphere.

    Rachel breathed a sigh of relief. "All targets neutralised." The crew let off several whoops and high fives were exchanged all round.

    "Good shooting Gunny!" Damian said, grinning over his shoulder at her. "Now lets go find out what the pashang we just missed."

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  7. Destin Antares Hunter

    Destin Antares Hunter Commander, Vernier Federal Navy

    Character Biography:
    CIC - MCRN Baltisk - Providentia system - Frontier
    Sparks flew everywhere. The skeleton crew of the Baltisk were making emergency repairs, and as of yet, Nautilian ships had to tug the now-powerless ship. Of the twenty-six ships that sortied with him, only eight remained, the ships Archer, Parnell, Kosciuszko, Maverick, Drake, Resolute, Alamo, and Pulaski. His interceptors had taken the brunt of the losses, for twelve sortied but only the Drake survived. Their crews had given their lives to save the cause. So had the boarders which were smote due to oversight on Destin's part. The innocent crews who mutinied against their renegade overlords.
    Martians were emerging from their crawlspaces, surprised at the outcome of the battle. Few of them remained, and many were only just briefed on the events of the past few weeks. Shock turned to anger and shame, for they did not know of their part in this grand scheme. The hanger bay doors had opened enough for the torpedo boat Kosciuszko to fit inside, berthing next to the only other ship there, the docked Kopis. The one with Katie McCann. The friend that got the ship boarded. Maybe Byron ought to find her.

    "Aye, Natasha, come over here for a minute."

    "For what?"

    "Your friend. She's still alive."

    Destin and Byron walked over to the ladder leading down towards the hangar, grabbing on to the handrails and sliding down past the different decks. They passed barracks, then power packs for the railguns, then magazines, followed by even more barracks. Martians were walking about, most glumly and without purpose, mourning the loss of their innocent fallen comrades. Silva's body's fate was going to be transfer to Buttersworth, and his corpse was already prepared for the transfer. He caught a glimpse of it on the hangar deck as he finally made it, and saw the crew of the Kopis discussing matters. Destin walked briskly over to them, and following Byron and McCann's embrace, he approached the man whom Destin perceived to be their leader.

    "Commander, what is your name?"

    "Aden Peterson," the man responded.

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  8. Emmet Sheldon

    Emmet Sheldon Deputy Undersecretary of Political Affairs

    Character Biography:
    Sheldon felt guilty after the whole show went down. Now another bloodbath was to be expected, with the fourteen FWU vessels incoming towards PC-7-1, Providentia Prime. He felt guilty that he couldn't have an idea on hand. He felt guilty that he was able to do nothing about the situation other than watch.

    With his guilty feeling though, came an idea to bring to the table dealing with the aftermath of the situation. He would hold off on that thought, to be used later, only to realize that there was a way to deal with this as well as putting his idea to the table.

    When there was a lull in the debate that went on for three days, Sheldon chipped in with his idea.

    "Mr. Secretary-General, if I must, I do have an idea for the forecasted scenario. The First Wave Union in the Hub must be dealt with in a peaceful way through debate of the importance of PC-7 while accounting for our constituents on 73U-I. A refusal in this manner would be dealt with a resistance against this attack. In the case of the scenario that they accept, a representative from the colony on PC-7 shall be sent to debate, and if we are to stay as the superior, but benevolent body that we've strove to uphold, we should pardon the defenders of PC-7 of Donnager's Law, as well as send them humanitarian aid. Our requirement for this will be the representative from the system. We will not be holding Mars accountable of the mutiny due to the Civil War that they are experiencing. If we are to do that, we will unite them into hating us. I will be offering the two clashing factions the debate if anyone is not willing to do so."

    The Security Council took a moment to ponder Sheldon's speech.

    "Put it as an option. It all depends on the decisions of our Frontier admirals."

    Sheldon was relieved that his idea seemed competent enough, but he knew that it was up to the buffoons at the Hub.

    I fucking wish I was at the Hub watching this shit.
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  9. Jakob Aragorn

    Jakob Aragorn No allegiance. No oath. No matter what.

    Character Biography:
    Destroyed rogue Scirocco-class crusier - Providentia system - Frontier
    A derelict Scirocco-class cruiser flew alongside Aragorn and the Mobius, which had fired grappling hooks to arrest the ship. Aragorn himself was in a vac suit and cradling a medpack and rifle. Dead bodies floated all around him, many with tungsten intersecting their bodies. However, one room marked "Emergency Command" remained pressurised for some reason. Aragorn spent thirty minutes installing an emergency airlock, and once that was done, he forcibly opened the stiff doors, to find a group of Martians huddled together with emergency lights on. He activated the flashlight on his rifle and and announced, "I am Jakob Aragorn, captain of the independent ship Mobius. My only allegiance is to humanity. I am here to help. Medical facilities are on my ship."

    One Martian turned around, his uniform damaged and a rugged look on his face. He had the complexion of an executioner. He said, "You should be dead. The rogues would have shot you down!"

    Aragorn replied, "Someone nailed them. A guy named Destin or whatever says he took over their flagship."

    "Destin? The guy who ran from Mars? I didn't know he joined us!"

    "He didn't. My brother was in his unit and died over Titan. He told me before the battle that things might be a bit rough for the food run."

    "Well, guess he didn't forget his Martian side. We're running out of air."

    Within two hours they had been painstakingly transferred to the Moby, and receiving medical attention from the auto-docs down below. He still had the food run to complete at Providentia, but all he did was install the shipment in the derelict cruiser, to be recovered later.
    What he had to do now was return to Mars and deliver these sailors back home, and inevitably to a trial where they would testify before a military tribunal against the rogues.
    Or so he hoped, for Aragorn had no idea about the civil war.
  10. Hayakaze

    Hayakaze Rockhopper merchant family ship

    MCRN Baltisk

    An armed cargo ship docked and delivered a huge package of medical supply, several autodoc and other necessary supply like food and water. Box and package slide down the rail as Deiter counting. He contact @Destin Antares Hunter while look at crew that start gather around the port.

    After stay in the dark and throwing lot of thruster fuel to hide behind planet and asteroid, stuck near Providentia for a week, Deiter doesn't want to head back with empty hand.

  11. Natasha Byron

    Natasha Byron Crewman, IDS Hayakaze

    Hangar deck - MCRN Baltisk - Providentia system - Frontier
    A mysterious man made his demands.
    He needed a crewman on his ship, the Hayakaze.
    XO Byron pondered the option. Her commander had acted rash and borderline arrogant throughout the battle, and his anger and grim determination was getting the best of him. He'd been under a lot of stress, and though she could forgive him, and did forgive him, she needed a break from the Expeditionary Force.

    "I'll go," she said.

    She bid goodbye to Destin with a short wave, one that almost made her want to retract her willingness to sign on. Destin flashed her a salute, and then turned. He had to deal with the Martian sailors who required medical attention, as well as feeding his soldiers. The Baltisk was still unpowered and helpless, but Natasha had told Destin to keep the ship due to its highly classified technology that could be salvaged by the Nautilians and put to good use. They also could retrofit the ship, for the hull was mostly intact.
    But the most important item on the Baltisk, she thought, was the data cores of the rogues.
    It could mean the end of the Martian Civil War.

    With that, former XO Natasha Byron entered the Hayakaze.
  12. Seamus Antilles Murphy

    Seamus Antilles Murphy Soldier for hire

    AnnanSec shuttle Monarch - burning away from Emeria Station - the Belt - Sol system
    Murphy pondered his options. He could go to Ceres and sign on with Star Helix, he could go to Nautilus like Kincaid, or he could go rogue. There were plenty of Belter militias who probably needed a man of his talent out there, and it would be nice to see the circle that started with him joining the OPA, then leaving, be completed.
    Because the rest of the crew had transferred to another ship bound for Ceres, he had the shuttle to himself.
    He could start an independent mining firm, operating ironically out of Emeria Station (if the new government would let them), or just be a rockhopper. He'd grown up on those things. His old friend Boris Yurchenko could probably put in a good word for him, for he was still in the now-underground OPA. Of course, he used to be under the command of Morne du Plessis, but after he was put in a Martian gula-
    Martian gulag.
    He could go to Mars, join the Terraformists, and free the guys. Then all it would take is a flight back to Ceres and the OPA would return, like a phoenix rising from the lava to re-establish the fight for Belter independence, however this time if the inners came they could go to New Terryon and hide away. The Belters there were planning to make a new Terryon Lock, in essence a massive void city constructed in the style of a nakilye port. Morne and crew could establish the OPA as a state militia, still flying the banner of the split circle. From there they could operate with the help of the Nautilians and Covenards. For once, the Martians and the OPA would collaborate, just like he'd dreamed of in the old days.
    He cut the Monarch's drive and angled towards the Ring.

    "Providentia, here we come," he muttered.
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  13. William Buttersworth

    William Buttersworth Director of PS&E, Captain of the Revenge

    Character Biography:
    The decks of the Revenge were a cacophony of power tools, shouting and metalwork. The ship had taken a beating in its attempt to drive off the attackers and currently floated in high orbit over Providentia with a dozen repair skiffs buzzing around its exterior, cutting off bent or damaged armour plates and repairing what could be repaired in the short reprieve they had earned.

    William Buttersworth was consulting the representative council as this was occurring, trying in vain to talk over the grinding and drilling in the background. The council had returned to the planet surface, as had around a third of the colony's population. The OCB had acted as an impromptu life boat during the attack, but its capabilities had been strained by several hundred thousand more individuals than it was used to supporting.

    William had just finished briefing the council on the engagement, but was having difficulty in convincing the council that the threat was still not over. Yes, the rogue fleet had been defeated, and at great cost, but there was still another Martian fleet bearing down on them, as well as a "Union" fleet behind them. He trusted the Martians little at this point, although he had noticed the familiar callsign of Commander Ashoka amongst their ranks, which made him feel only slightly better. He trusted her minutely more than anyone else in her organisation.

    He pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration as the council continued to bicker amongst themselves, trying to block out their inane babble as he figured out a way of communicating to them the danger of their actions. As he waited for a lull in the discussion however, a priority alert appeared in his vision. "Esteemed representatives, I have an urgent matter to attend to. We will continue this discussion shortly," he stated before closing the display and heading towards the bridge.

    The bridge had fared slightly better than the rest of the ship. Due to its design, it was buried in the core of the vessel under several layers of armour and redundant systems. They head learned from their previous engagements with the inners and their propensity to target drive cones, reactors and bridges and had designed the Revenge accordingly. The massive volumetric display that dominated the bridge was active and several of the bridge crew were watching it intently.

    "Whats the situation?" He asked, returning the salutes of the crew when they heard his voice.

    "Sir it looks like the Union fleet is retreating. First a couple of ships flip and burned, then almost half of them...and then the rest followed shortly after. They're fleeing back towards the gate. The Martian fleet has also followed suit...It looks like they're going to try and catch them in the hub," replied his third officer, Lieutenant Jack Corvus. He wore a cautious smile...trying to not look too happy about the sudden change in events.

    "Tightbeam New Tycho and inform them of the development...before they take out our repeater again. We need to convene the council down on the surface...we'll need to dock the Revenge at the OCB first...set a course Helmsman," he ordered before turning to leave the bridge again. "Sir," his first officer said, stepping out of the glowing field of the volumetric display.

    His first officer was a petite (for a belter) woman with curious lineage. She stated her family originated from Pakistan, but her eyes were bright blue, her skin fair. It threw him off every time he thought about it too much, but apparently there was a sizeable population of these people back on Terra. "Yes Commander Timuk?" He said, sighing slightly.

    "Standard procedure its to disarm the Revenge when we dock with the station." She smirked as she said it, as if anticipating his response, Bill found this amusing and turned to face the crew who looked on. "There will be no disarmament. Henceforce every vessel in the Providence Navy will be armed with weaponry befitting its class. Donnager's Law almost lead to our annihilation, the Sol Coalition did nothing. It is time we took destiny into our own hands, as our people did when we came to this system.”

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