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Event A Test of Strength

Discussion in 'Open Roleplay' started by Cpt_Buttersworth, Dec 17, 2019.

  1. David Farrell

    David Farrell Captain, MCRSF

    Character Biography:
    Firebase Phoenix - Mariner Valley - Mars
    An atmospheric dropship slowly touched down in the base, kicking up Martian dust as it landed. Several officers emerged from the craft with a security detail not far behind. One of the officers introduced himself to the commander of the firebase, SMAJ Pat Gleason. Following that, he walked over to Farrell and told him, "You are hereby reassigned to the 11th Martian Special Forces Unit, also known as the Cloaked Men, effective immediately. You will be reassigned to Tanis Base MCRSF. The garrison needs your help."
    Farrell waved a quick goodbye to the soldiers. He'd never really gotten along with them.

    Several hours later, Farrell, unaware of the impending battle, was awoken by the surprising shockwaves of Martian flak cannons.
    "Guys, what's going o-"
    An explosion rocked the dropship. A flak round had exploded too close to the fragile craft, and tore off the two starboard engines. The ship entered a spin, knocking around loose items, while flames engulfed Farrell and his team. Through his dizzying vision, he saw a box with stamped "PARACHUTE." He jumped out of his seat and extended his hand, grabbing the box. He then slid down the wall, and another flak burst blew open the panel behind him.
    Captain David Farrell was flung out of the dropship, parachute deploying behind him.
    He was safe.
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  2. Cpt_Buttersworth

    Cpt_Buttersworth Moderating the shipping lanes

    Character Biography:
    Near New Tycho - The Hub

    Fifteen vessels hung like a school of predatory fish, several kilometres away from New Tycho Station, using the station itself as cover from the rail gun platforms that had recently been completed. These gun platforms would, in essence, dominate the space within the hub and be able to target any ships entering or exiting the pocket dimension.

    The platforms were, however, completely offline. The Martian Admiral had attempted to activate the system on his own when the fleet of unregistered vessels entered the hub space, but without authorisation from his UNN counterpart the system was inert, its railguns cool and dark.

    It didn't take long for the unregistered ships to realise this as they began to creepy steadily towards Providentia Gate and the Aegis, a massive Martian warship, that guarded it. As long at the platforms stayed quiet, they had a chance to break through and finish what the Martians had started.

    After several hours of drifting, the occasional burst of maneuvering thrusters and absolute radio silence, the fleet broadcasted a single message before kicking on their drives as one, and hurtling towards the gate. "This is Captain Volkov of the Midnight. The First Wave Union has stood by and watched as the Sol Coalition allowed these belters to stake claim to a strategically important star system. We cannot allow the technology of the Ring Builders to falls into the hands of these...people. The UNN and MCRN has stood by and done nothing and so , we will take matters into our own hands. Do not attempt to stop us, any attempts to do so will be met with force."

    The fleet thundered down towards the gate, the Aegis banking hard and launching a salvo of torpedoes in their direction. PDCs flared, taking every missile but one which impacted a destroyer class vessel square on the nose and sent it careening off course. The First Wave Union fleet answered with only two launches that set off radiological alarms through the hubspace.

    Two nuclear warheads launched from the Midnight, one heading directly for the Aegis while the other flipped around and roared off the the direction of New Tycho Station. The stations defences activated immediately, filling the space between itself and the weapon with PDC rounds. The torpedo itself ducked, dodged and weaved as it evaded the streams of gunfire before detonating a couple of kilometres off its bow.

    The other nuclear warhead also had limited success as it detonated before reaching its target, the Aegis, however the shockwaves of both weapons expanded quickly. New Tycho jolted violently as the shockwave washed over it, as was the Aegis which tumbled in space as waves of electromagnetically charged particles washed over it. Lights flickered, power died and backup power kicked in.

    The First Wave Union fleet dodged around the temporarily crippled Aegis and transitioned through the Providentia Gate as the strange, alien station at the centre of the Hub began to change, its normal dull blue surface glowing and pulsing, changing from blue to green and then yellow. As this occurred, more unregistered ships began to enter the hub space.

    OOC: The First Wave Union are a ultra nationalist faction formed from anti belter colonists. Their forces consist of unregistered, mothballed, purchased or stolen UNN and (rarely) MCRN vessels. The Hub space is now under attack from several of these ships, taking advantage of the temporarily disabled New Tycho & its defences to try and gain a foothold in the area.

    The fleet that passed through the Providentia gate consists of fourteen ships:

    2 x battleships (old Truman class frames), stripped of original weaponry, these were refit as colony vessels, however the Unionists have added aftermarket weaponry to them including railguns and torpedoes. They are not as effective as standard UNN battleships but still formidable.

    4 x destroyers

    8 x frigate class
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  3. Aden Peterson

    Character Biography:
    [Holding - MCRN Baltisk]

    Aden hated large ships. He'd finally figured that out. It was not enough for him to have been captured by the UN and brought onboard one of their largest battleships at least once, but now he couldn't even board a Martian battlecruiser without being hauled off at gunpoint... this time by fellow Martians!

    The action had been quick, and unexpected. As the Kopis had been brought inside the Donnager-class's hull, almost instantly on his control console at the helm alarms had started to blare as something - or rather, someone - had quickly cut a hole in the docking port before Aden could even release it. Seconds later, the area had been swarmed with Martians, yelling and brandishing weapons at... other Martians.

    Aden knew better than to ask questions or move. Instead, he simply threw his arms out to the front and side of himself, palms extended, as he was taken from the seat he was at and hauled away to a holding area. Why, he didn't know. But he quickly learned. Someone on board was a traitor - decrypted communications had informed the fleet commanders of a "friend" of sorts on the Kopis. Given Aden's history with the UN and other assets, he was of course suspect but at the same time, Aden had no idea what was going on as his crew was split up and his Lieutenant hauled away to a fate unknown. As he was walking under guard and listening to the ship around him, his magboots clicking on and off the deck, he heard the sounds of gunfire.

    Something wasn't right on board the Baltisk. Something wasn't right at all. Had the crew gone rogue? Disobeyed the orders of MARSCOM? Whatever it was, Aden wanted it to end.

    And he wanted off this ship.
  4. Karan Ashoka

    Karan Ashoka Patrolling the Slow Zone

    Character Biography:
    MCRN Templar - En-route to Providentia Prime

    Commander Ashoka was asleep in her bunk when the alert sounded. The ship helpfully injected a a minuscule dose of juice via IV in her arm and filled her with the ice cold electricity the substance was well known for...before it quickly faded, leaving her mostly awake and somewhat disorientated. She sat up and unclipped herself from the gel mattress and walked over to the display on the opposite wall.

    Over a dozen new vessels had entered the system behind her task force, UNN designs but all unregistered with their transponders deactivated. The fleet around her were busy painting them with targeting lasers to keep them well lit, but they were too far out of range to be any real threat...at least for the moment.

    On top of this new development, two radiological alerts pulsed in the alerts queue of the display. She tapped on one, and then the other, opening them up their reports into a split screen view. One of the battleships which was now following her fleet had launched two nukes in the hub...an extremely dangerous and rash maneuvre, targeting the Aegis and New Tycho. Luckily both were destroyed before any significant damage could be done, but it meant things back through the gate were unraveling quickly.

    Slipping into her uniform, she exited the room whilst zipping it up to her chin. On the command deck, the crew immediately stood to attention when she walked in. She returned their salutes and sat down into her crash couch. Several reports had been waiting for her and, with a small sip of coffee, she began to review them as well.

    She knew all too well the signs of internal struggles and mutinies, and seeing the two frigates being sent ahead of the rogue fleet like sacrificial lambs was hard to watch. The men and women aboard those ships likely had no choice or clue. She flagged the debris field of the doomed frigates for eventual retrieval...once the current crisis had been resolved...if it could be resolved.

    The final report was not exactly detailed reading, it was simply a dossier on potential mutual friendships of acquaintances of those on the rogue fleet and those aboard her ship right now. She opened up and let out a groan so loud that a couple nearby bridge crew side her quick, awkward sideways glances.

    Aden fucking Peterson. Of fucking course he was wrapped up in this mess. His current whereabouts had him listed as serving aboard the Kopis...but recent reports indicated the Kopis had been brought inside the Baltisk's hangar bay, the vessel was still transmitting telemetry even though it was within the massive battleship...and as she accessed deeper into the frigates systems she found something fascinating. His terminal was connected to the Kopis via on the rogue fleets battlenet, however unlike most Martian terminals...several subroutines were tunneling through the networks and connecting directly to a nearby communications relay.

    Through some fluke, Adens terminal still had a connection to the outside world. Maybe he was a drug runner? Or a terrorist? Hell he could be IN on this whole mutiny...and She might get arrested for even looking at this data...But something told her...deep down...that Aden was still had dust in his blood. He wouldn't kill his own.

    So Karen went out on a limb.

    Aden, please tell me you're not responsible for this.

    She pressed send and relaxed back into her crash couch. Only time would tell now.

    @Aden Peterson
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  5. Ashlen Balboa

    Ashlen Balboa Commander, MCRN Frontier Fleet

    Character Biography:
    CIC, MCRN Aegis - Slow Zone - Frontier
    Alarms blared.
    The ship had just been incapacitated, and Ashlen was in shock. The Unionists had surprised her crew, and they couldn't even deploy their interceptors. However, Ashlen had been mulling over some options before power returned.
    Commander Ashoka reported on NCF fleet strength. The fleet in Providentia wasn't all of it.
    There had to be more ships to rally over there.

    "Arch! Get me a tightbeam to Kapisi!"

    When it opened, Balboa began speaking.

    "Kapisi, this is Commander Balboa. I'm going to Jules Verne system to rally some ships. I can't waste time. See you around. Ashlen out."

    With that, the mighty Aegis, the expeditionary cruiser once intended to be the scourge of the Belt, what had turned into an aging and failed experiment, kicked on its main drive and burned with all speed towards the Jules Verne gate and to Nautilus.
    Maybe the damned space cowboys led by her headstrong boyfriend could fix this.
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  6. Oliver "Cervan" Yaeger

    Oliver "Cervan" Yaeger Commander of UNN Frontier Fleet

    Character Biography:
    Yaeger snarled at the message, but he got out of his seat and made his way from the office to the CIC, albeit slowly.

    Everything had spun out of control. Chaos was his element, but right now it had slipped out of his hands. He needed time to rethink and plan his next move.

    When he arrived at the CIC everything an everyone was in chaos, two nukes had gone off in the hub, a fleet of ships had entered the providentian gate and another had begun attacks on the hub.

    He went up to the command platform and looked upon the tactical display. It was hard to make out what was happening as the EMP had blinded their sensors.

    Yaeger turned around and picked out an officer.
    "You over there, yes you. Get over here."


    He quickly typed out and encrypted a message and then handed it over to the officer. "Get this message on the next skiff you find and on the Bismarck. Do it fast."

    He turned back to Kapisi. "Any plans?"

    @Torin Kapisi
  7. Torin Kapisi

    Character Biography:
    Torin looked up at the Earther Admiral, a look of stunned disbelief on his face. He huffed into his moustache and pointed at the screen nearby:

    Fortress System - Offline

    Activation Code Entered - Torin Kapisi
    Activation Code Required - Oliver Yeager

    “If you’d be so kind, Admiral.” He said over the alarms and general noise of the CIC.
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  8. Destin Antares Hunter

    Destin Antares Hunter Commander, Vernier Federal Navy

    Character Biography:
    Bridge, NCFN Resolute - Providentia system - Frontier​

    New ships entered the system. First a food freighter under the command of a certain Jakob Aragorn, then fourteen ships under the command of a rogue UNN fleet.

    The third salvo was on its way.

    "All ships! Prepare for boarding run! We're gonna rush them!"

    Explosions bloomed out from the rogue fleet as the third salvo of fifteen torpedoes impacted several ships. More small ships died, and fourteen more PDCs on the Baltisk were destroyed, leaving only twenty. Plenty of blind spots existed now, plenty of room to drop boarding troopers, 370 in total, bristling with guns and determination.

    Destin slid down the ladder-lift to the armory, seeing his armor strewn out around the deck. He put it on piece by piece in a rushed matter, admiring the scars it had received. He opened the PA and said, “All soldiers, all soldiers. Our time has come. Board the breaching pods. Weŕe going in while we still have the chance!”

    He went to the weapon rack and picked out two guns, the first a general-purpose Nautilian-made SMG, the other a heavily modified, borderline illegal semi-automatic shotgun. Attachments were laid out for each of them, and Destin began assembling them together. After pondering the options, Destin opted to grab another shotgun. Two was always better than one, right?

    Normally he’d pick out his sniper rifle, but today, close-quarters combat was the word of the day. He walked over to the ammo crates and grabbed some extra magazines for his guns, for he would need them. He also grabbed six shock grenades, they’d be necessary for eliminating troublesome Martian soldiers in chokepoints.

    Coming down the ladder-lift were XO Byron, and a certain Captain Allison, descendant of the founder of the long-gone Allison Engine Company. They were carrying a brand-new PDC, stripped of most of the excess features. It was the only thing capable of breaching a Martian ship’s CIC. They saluted Destin and entered one of the two breaching pods on the ship. Destin’s squad arrived soon later, and they assembled their gear before entering the other pod.

    The drop was ready, but first they needed to clear the area. Pods were ridiculously easy to shoot down.

    "This is Commander Hunter to all ships. Fire fourth salvo at the Baltisk. We need as many PDCs destroyed as possible."

    “This is Commander Hunter to all interceptors. I need the Baltisk devoid of escorts. Distract them, do what you can. This is my last order. TAL.”
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  9. Aden Peterson

    Character Biography:
    [Holding - MCRN Baltisk]

    It seemed as if Aden had been here forever. In actuality, it was likely only a matter of minutes, but it felt like much, much longer. Perhaps that was just part of the nature of being confined, to feel oppressed and like time was standing still. Aden would rather leave that for others to test. Right now, he had to watch out for his own neck.

    It had appeared that there were more serious matters to attend to. The crew of the Kopis was left relatively alone, locked into a room with not even a guard on the inside. Aden didn't like it, but at least the eyes were off of him being constantly watched. The camera in the room for whatever reason seemed to be deactivated, leaving only the audio surveillance in the room. It looked like the commanders of the Baltisk had bigger fish to fry, as the saying went. The crew looked around at each other, unsure of what to do next. Many questions had been raised - why they had been dragged off their boat, why the Kopis now lay injured on the floor of the Baltisk. Many questions, and limited answers.

    Regardless of the reasoning, the crew kept to themselves. Nobody trusted each other anymore, and with the Lieutenant gone the brain of the machine was missing. No orders were being given, no guidance available. A void that none of the crew knew how to - or wanted to - fill. So instead they stood, sat, or lay against the walls of the room they found themselves in. If Aden had to guess, they were not far from the hangar, and the quick movement meant that they were still all wearing their pressure suits. A small respite if a stray blast happened to vent their compartment. They would likely live long enough to experience asphyxiation in deep space.

    It wasn't long before Aden became aware of his HUD alerting him to a new message. That was weird, to say the least. The fleet was supposed to be flying comms-dark, but somehow someone had been able to send a message to him. Aden figured that things couldn't get much worse for him, so he took a gamble. He poked back in the message, tracing its origin from his suit systems on a low-band antenna to the Kopis' main computer. What he found there startled him. The whole ship's network, from the battlenet, encrypted SIGINT, status, and the like, was being transmitted on a rarely-used frequency to an unlicensed comms buoy. From there, Aden lost all trails but the one coming to him. The header of the message named its sender - and the ship it came from. Not a ship he thought was assigned by Mars to this pacification operation. CMDR Karen Ashoka, MCRN Templar.

    The message text was plain, but a bit cryptic.

    Under his pressure helmet, he frowned. What did she mean? Responsible for what? Had they not been sent by Mars? Why was the Templar following them? Was the Commander part of the alleged rebel fleet chasing the MCRN task force? It was all quite disturbing. Aden decided to go for it. He quickly tapped out a reply as subtly as he could, and fired it back to the ship, encrypted with a standard Martian scheme.

    When decrypted, the message read "Wht do u mean? Flt snt by MCOM to suppr. Bltr insurrecs. Shp tkn onbrd Bltsk on susp of trsn. Rpts of mtny on Bltsk+. Told u r rogue shp. Plz advise. LT nt prsnt."

    The larger the message, the more likely it was to be detected. When expanded out, the message's meaning was plain - Fleet sent by MARSCOM to suppress belter insurrectionists. Kopis taken onboard the Baltisk on suspicion of traitors onboard, with reports of Mutiny on the Baltisk and other ships. The crew had been told the persuing Martian warships were traitors to Mars and sent to stop them, and finally, a request for advice or orders, as their LT was no longer with them.

    @Karen Ashoka
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  10. Darius Buccheri

    Not long after the Civil War officially commenced, the first casualties had appeared on Tanis. Buccheri sat alongside many leaders of the Terraformist resistance at the temporary Mariner Valley HQ. The footage shows a dropship being shot down by flak cannons set up by Terraformist soldiers. It then showed only three parachutes being deployed from the burning craft as it went down as a ball of fire into an empty dust field, subsequently exploding and awakening a cloud of dust to compliment the explosion. The footage then focused on the three parachutes assisted by automatic jetpacks slowly coming to Earth, Terraformist soldiers converging on the location from the base.

    Buccheri couldn't help but to feel a slight tinge of sorrow for the unarmed dropship. As treasonous as they are, they were next to being unarmed citizens.
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  11. William Buttersworth

    William Buttersworth Director of PS&E, Captain of the Revenge

    Character Biography:
    The deck vibrated as the Revenge lashed out with its PDC network, sending lances of white hot metal out into the void to be answered by the blossoming explosions of torpedoes as they detonated further from the fleet. The rogue Martian fleet had been steadily advancing on the defence fleet for several hours now, quickly approaching railgun range. The two fleets had exchanged several salvos of torpedoes, each scoring hits and destroying ships, however it was not close to ending, William had the awful feeling that things were just beginning.

    Still, the Revenge and its escorts fought on, throwing salvo after salvo at the oncoming warships, picking off weak targets. Whenever an enemy torpedo made it through their defensive screen a rockhopper would dive out of formation to meet it head on, sacrificing itself for the good of the fleet. He made a mental record of every individual that laid down their lives for the dream that was Providentia, intending to honour them when the time came.

    "Sir, the enemy fleet will come into railgun range in two minutes."

    "Initiate strike plan golf-oscar," he ordered, tighting the straps on his crash couch. The drive of the Revenge kicked on, along with the corvettes flanking it and the destroyers. The broke up into three groups, the Revenge leading one, the destroyers leading the other two. Small groups of rockhoppers coalesced around them as they changed position, revealing the gargantuan Pale Horse Support Cruiser, at the rear of the formation. "The Pale Horse reports railguns are charged and firing solutions calculated, requesting permission to open fire."

    "How long until we are in range of their rails?"

    "Their fleet will enter the Pale Horse' range in thirty seconds, fifteen seconds after that we will enter the range of that Donnager's rails, and seven seconds after that both fleets will be in optimal firing range for all rail classes."

    "Pale Horse, open fire."
  12. Cpt_Buttersworth

    Cpt_Buttersworth Moderating the shipping lanes

    Character Biography:
    "Commander Silva! Boarding pods launched by the pursuing fleet!" SIlva grimaced as he watched the display become increasingly busy. They'd lost several frigates in the torpedo exchange with the defending fleet and the Nautilans had managed to score several hits while the fleet was focused on the belters.

    "Recalculate targeting solutions onto those pods, I want none of them to get through."

    "Sir we'll take a pounding from the belters if we do that."

    "We have ships to spare. None one pod lands on this ship, officer." He said, slamming his palm down on the console. As one the collective PDCs of the rogue fleet swiveled on their hardpoints and faces the small constellation of pods accelerating from the fleet from Nautilus. After a moment, every single pod had been painted with targeting lasers and for a brief moment...there was calm before the weapons opened fire.

    Silva grinned cruelly as he watched pod after pod get scratched from the display, replaced with small clouds of debris that expanded harmlessly behind them. "Keep up the barrage, I want every one of those pods gon-" the deck jolted violently and Silva was catapulted over the console he stood at, slamming into the bulkhead at the end of the CIC. The deck bucked again followed by dozens of alarms suddenly baring, and a moment later the acceleration of the massive battleship cut out, sending Silva tumbling up into the air.

    "Multiple railgun impacts sir! Containment has been damaged and the reactor is in emergency shutdown mode!"

    "Get it online now!" He roared as he activated his magboots and flipped around, slamming them down on the deck. He rushed over to a nearby crash couch and strapped in, hammering out multiple commands. "Target every railgun in the fleet on that support ship, now!"

    "Sir, they're launching another salvo, impact in nine seconds."

    "Re-target PDCs, wipe them out!" He roared, watching the display as two of his frigates were shredded to pieces by two more heavy railgun rounds from the belter cruiser. "Sir, breaching pods have locked onto the ship."

    The rogue fleet opened fire as one, PDCs picking off torpedoes as they rushed in, railguns charging and firing from multiple vessels, pouring tungsten slugs into the Pale Horse which under the sustained barrage, began to buckle. The huge ship's spinning drum suddenly ground to a halt as a round smashed through one of its motors, the inertia of its rotation twisting the superstructure of the ship and crumpling its fragile frame in on itself, the vessel...in its death throws let off two more heavy railgun rounds, taking out two more frigates before its reactor went critical.

    At this range, even the light from the display in front of him made Commander Silva squint briefly, as the Pale Horse ceased to exist and was replaced by a slowly expanding cloud of super-heated plasma and twisted, glowing debris. "Accelerate, punch through their fleet."

    "Aye Sir, accelerating to six Gs."
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  13. Karan Ashoka

    Karan Ashoka Patrolling the Slow Zone

    Character Biography:
    Ashoka had ordered her strike group to increase acceleration. She was tired of waiting and watching. The battle had begun in earnest with more and more torpedoes being traded between the three fleets, but she felt helpless still hours away. She had been given permission to break away from the rest of the frontier fleet and do what she could when she reached the hostiles first, and so the Templar, Spaniard & Atrax kicked their drives up to a painful eight G's for several minutes until several medical alerts appeared, showing the crew coming dangerously close to injury.

    They backed off on the acceleration again, regaining their breath, flushing the juice and then hit it again. They had repeated this for almost three hours and they were gaining on the rogues, but it was still some time before she would be of any use. In one of their breaks from extreme acceleration, Ashoka's terminal chimed happily, informing her of a message from Aden.

    She stared at the message for several seconds, trying to comprehend exactly what the hell was going on. She relayed the message back to the rest of the fleet, flagging it for review by the Admiral as soon as possible before typing out a reply.

    Yr flt gn rge. crws mrdrd, shps hjckd. attk on prov unlwfl, genocide attmpt. Admrl K snt us to stp u. Nt all crws cmplct, do wht u cn to stp Bltsk/escp.

    She hit reply, hoping Aden would receive it soon. She would have to tell him in detail of the murders the rogue commanders had committed, spacing the crews of whole warships, stealing the vessels for use in their insane attempt to wipe out the belters on Providentia, how Admiral Kapisi had rushed to consolidate the fleet before sending it through the gate...She hoped Aden would think of a way to get off the battleship, or even disable it...the man had a talent for causing catastrophes on the vessels he
    served aboard. Maybe it would work to their advantage this time.

    As she thought about the situation, an alert filled the bridge, followed by a view from an outside camera. The belters huge support cruiser was going through a severe reactor containment failure. Spurts of flame and debris erupted from the failing ship as its massive drum section crumbled, buckled and was replaced with the light of a temporary star. As the high faded...nothing remained except twisted metal and radiation. "Uh ma'am, the Baltisk and several of the rogue ships are accelerating, their burning hard."

    "Where are they going?"
  14. Destin Antares Hunter

    Destin Antares Hunter Commander, Vernier Federal Navy

    Character Biography:
    Breaching pod - Providentia system - Frontier
    The fourth wave's torpedoes impacted the sides of the injured Baltisk. More PDCs taken out. Only thirteen out of fifty-four remained.
    It was time now.

    "This is Commander Hunter. Start the dives. Nautilus will remember you."

    Ship after ship began diving in towards the stricken Baltisk. Interceptors led, attempting to get some close-range torpedo hits. What Destin didn't know, however, was that Buttersworth's guns had begun firing, and the interceptor Swift took a direct hit, shattering into a million pieces. The Baltisk itself suffered several hits, and its drives cut out. It was all coming together.

    "Release the pods!"

    Destin felt a small jolt as the Resolute fell away behind him. He didn't see this, of course, but he knew it happened. He loaded his shotgun and submachine gun, checking and double-checking the seals in his armor. Several seconds later, grappling hooks fired and Destin's pod connected with the now floating Baltisk. Blasting charges went off, and the interior of the rogue battleship was exposed to him. He pushed off the walls of the pods and flew down the corridor as if he was falling, curling up in the fetal position and shooting through his legs. Only four soldiers had tried to stop him, but more were coming.

    Destin reached the end of the corridor, and wearing his MCRN armor, he engaged his magboots and began walking, as if he was part of the crew. A sailor bumped into him, and Destin grabbed him. He asked, "Kid, do you know where CIC is? I have to deliver a message to the admiral."
    "Yeah. Down this hallway there's a lift. It can take you halfway. After that, I don't know. There should be a file on your suit that shows you, however."

    Destin and his squadmates rushed to the lift, opened the doors, and began climbing. The lift obviously didn't work if the reactor was down, but he could clamber up. They had only climbed four decks higher before the stopped lift blocked them. Destin took the time to check the status of the other boarders. Out of 372 soldiers, 294 were still alive. Heavy casualties by normal standards, but they were light casualties in Destin's case. Byron and Allison were both alive and converging on the upper decks.
    Destin decided to find them. He'd never served on a Donnager before.​
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  15. Emmet Sheldon

    Emmet Sheldon Deputy Undersecretary of Political Affairs

    Character Biography:
    "First Wave Union... decommissioned UN vessels. From what I've gathered from the report sent back, there are actually fourteen unregistered UN vessels. These guys call themselves the First Wave Union, hailing from one of our systems. Yes, they've outfitted the decommissioned UN vessels with railguns, which essentially has us watching over two colonies that blatantly violate Donnager's Law. I also have the message sent to New Tycho station from their flagship."

    "Noted. Which system did they come from, specifically?"

    There was a moment of silence while Sheldon tracked the fleet movement.

    "They hail from the 73U System, home planet is called, Ágæti, UN designation, 73U-I."

    Ágæti colonists came from the Scandinavian regions on Earth. They had been an independent organization that was allowed colonization of a planet in the 73U System. Now their forces have come back to complicate matters for the UN.

    "How was 73U-I when we last had contact with them?"

    "Uhm, they were compliant. That's all I can say from what I can review."

    "And now, they're offsetting the balance by attacking PC-7."

    The Secretary-General discussed with the others. Sheldon was developing a general idea of some sort, one that had its foundations from his gut feeling about his other ideas and how they would affect the situation.
  16. Aden Peterson

    Character Biography:
    [MCRN Baltisk - Holding]

    Aden had done his best to approximate the time delay for his message to reach the Commander, but his estimates had proven to be wrong. The message had pinged back to him much quicker than he had expected, given the last known distance of the Mars fleet. What that told him was simple - the persuing fleet was accelerating and decreasing the distance between the two ships quickly.

    Aden read the message, doing his best to remain still and not give away to anyone that he was communicating beyond the bulkheads of the Baltisk. The message he got back was... concerning, yet struck Aden. It basically claimed to turn this whole situation on its head for him.

    It alleged that the ships he was on were rogue, with their lawful crews murdered and the ships hijacked. It claimed that the crew was under unlawful orders, and last, it ordered him to take up arms against the crew he was here with. All of it felt wrong, but at the same time, it nagged at him.

    In his situation, he had to go out on a limb. There were several options he could choose, each of them bad.

    He could reveal to the crew of the Baltisk the communication, remain loyal to his original orders, and risk being complicit to genocide. He could also be found guilty of collaboration with the enemy and if that was true, risk being executed.

    He could obey the orders given by the Commander, who he knew. He could take up arms against the Baltisk and try and slow it down or stop it by any means necessary. He would risk death, and if they were wrong, be condemned as traitors to Mars.

    He could try and flee the ship and be shot down or even if he escaped risk being declared guilty of desertion, a mark of shame he could never live down.

    Or, and most safe, he could do nothing. Ride out the storm in the Baltisk and hope that he survived somehow to deal with the aftermath later, risking death but not sticking his neck out looking for it.

    If he was an Earther, he might have chosen the latter option. He sat, stunned by this information. He wasn't religious - he'd marked his 2790 as None accordingly, preferring the facts and rational world to religion. He would have to take the facts as he knew them - and his gut. And his gut told him this was wrong.

    He knew the crew in the room with him, he knew he could trust them. He quickly forwarded the information and details to the rest of the Kopis's crew in the room with him, taking advantage of the compromised network - and silently thanked whoever had done it, though he would need to find out later. The crew appeared to agree, and he sent back a message to the Commander, in one short burst.

    "Let's make some noise."
  17. Mark

    On the ammonia planet, the exploration team continued to explore the metropolis, having known that being holed down on the surface was far safer than being in space. Their vessel decided to return to passive orbiting.

    When they finally detected the temperature discrepancy, the team moved to where it was located: in the basement of the government building. Walking through lavish corridors surrounded by grey spots as a reminder to the construction, the team located an out-of-style staircase that led to a bunker-like construct. No signs of fossilized remains or skeletons were detected in the bunker, but suspiciously, the blast door was left open.

    Here they sit currently, analyzing a glowing PM obelisk. It was the first case of controlled PM substances that the team has ever seen up close. They decided that it was a switch of some sort; there must be a secret that this big building hid in its bowels, they considered.

    Telis's devices had been processing the obelisk "switch" for three days, with all of its sensors observing it in every MacGyver way possible. Many processors have overheated, but the team stayed compelled.

    What they did find were cartridges of a similar construct to the building. They too were being deciphered.
  18. Cpt_Buttersworth

    Cpt_Buttersworth Moderating the shipping lanes

    Character Biography:
    Silva bit down on the mouthguard as the G's continued to mount. After their brief moment on the float they had unfortunately picked up dozens of breaching pods which, as the mighty warship continued to accelerate, began to peel off the ships hull and expose it's insides to the void. The moment they hit five G's, several alarms began to blare. "Report," he grunted through the extreme conditions.

    Rather than say each individual word through labored breathing, his first officer typed out a message and sent it to him instead. The display was becoming difficult to reach though, as his eyeballs began to deform from the pressures of the burn. 294 boarders detected through 22 breaches in hull. Detected main force had split, one half to CIC and the other to Engine.

    Silva tapped at his display, and a moment later began gasping instinctively for air as the acceleration burn deceased. They were dangerously close to the belter fleet now, however his fleet was hard at work intercepting anything that came close. "All hands prepare to repel boarders. Set IFF tags to condition two. They are wearing Martian uniforms and will not hesitate to kill, give them no quarter."

    En-route to engineering

    Several squads thundered out of the armory, working methodically through the ship, deck by deck. It didn't take long for the marines to locate the intruders who's armour and uniforms...whilst Martians...betrayed them by broadcasting the incorrect IFF tags. They stood in a corridor, dumbfounded as they were surrounded on three sides by marines before being brutally cut down.

    The boarders were not alone, with almost a dozen more squads following the recon team down the corridor. Two force recon marines took the brunt of the counter-attack, tanking as many bullets as possible as the rest of their teams scattered into cover, before whipping around and letting off sustained blasts from their wrist mounted miniguns. Their assault was short lived however as two RPGs came sailing down the hallway, detonating as they smashed into the powered armour of the two force recon marines.

    Elevator Shaft between central decks and CIC

    Almost one hundred and fifty men and women were in the elevator shaft. The boarding action had gone well at first with the boarders advancing quickly through the lower decks. But as the initial acceleration burn began to build, many had crumbled under the stresses or passed out from lack of juice. After the burn was stopped, the rag tag teams began to regroup, many of them shaking their heads in confusion and dizziness from the extreme acceleration.

    Those in the elevator shaft fared worse, many attempting to cling onto the edges of the space before inevitably plummeting to a violent death at the bottom. Those that still remained were greeted with another obstacle as the defenders began sending elevators thundering down the shaft at extreme speeds. An entire squad was wiped out when they broke from cover, only for all eight of them to be smashed into the bottom of the shaft by weaponised elevator.

    Silva watched from the CIC as the carnage unfolded. "Increase acceleration to four G's, return the marines to their crash couches and deploy the force recon teams."
  19. Destin Antares Hunter

    Destin Antares Hunter Commander, Vernier Federal Navy

    Character Biography:
    Elevator shaft - MCRN Baltisk - Providentia system - Frontier
    The casualties were unfortunate. 159 men and women lost due to the cursed Martian engineers fixing the reactor. 237 in total.

    On a widebeam connected to an onion router, he said, "This is Hunter. Kill their drives now!"

    His squadmates clambered out of the shaft and rushed for the nearest room. They needed to make it before the rogues kicked on the drives. But before they could, a team of Martians appeared in the hallway, guns drawn. Destin fired, followed by his battered team. This time, he shelved his shotgun and drew his heavily modified revolver. An invention by Martian high command, the EXACTO bullets were ridiculously accurate, using fins to guide them to their target, painted with a heat-seeking device. He fanned the hammer, and six Martians lay dead. Martians killing Martians. This wasn't how it should've been. Destin reloaded the revolver and rushed down the hall until he stumbled upon some crew cabins.

    "Pick a bunk and strap in. There's not much time!"
    He relayed the command to strap in to the other teams.
    Destin readied his revolver, and waited for the drives to fire up again.
    Sure enough, two minutes later, they did.
    This time, however, no lives would be needlessly wasted.
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  20. Mark



    Another five hours pass by and the readers come up with nothing, though the translator software did decipher a singular word in the cartridges: "natural." The cartridge then forcibly ejected.

    "What happened?"

    When Telis went over to pick up the cartridge, it too was glowing a faint blue, but it was given that the PM was controlled. Telis promptly picked it up and went back to the translator, only to find out that the processor had overloaded and bricked.

    "God damn these things are running through our tech supplies."

    "We gotta find out what's what."

    The team found nothing else in the bunker.

    "We're gonna split again. Donner, come with me. You two, stay here. We'll be searching for an upstairs."

    Mark and Donner promptly did. Up the stairs and into the lavish interior of the government building, they searched every section they could shine their lights on. What they did find was a heat signature behind the computer. Mark slumped and threw his hands up to let them fall down in passive anger.

    "Another, fucking, padlock."
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