FRONTIER A Moon, A Quarantine, Somes Artefacts And Looters

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  1. Damien

    Spaceport of Auahitūroa


    The view allowed us to see the arrival of the ship. His reactors were wrapped in red while pliers clung to the ship. It is the largest ship that sets foot in this lost port at the bottom of Lakshmi. To be founded by the captain of a fleet of ships who was looking for a house after the battle of Ganymede and finding it at the bottom of a solar system light years from his own, it is not bad. The moon on which it is located is in orbit around a gas giant parked in front of the entrance of the "hot" zone. A paradise for any belter, full of rocks to break and dwarf planets and moons with low gravity. Gravitational factors are in fact sufficient for children to be able to live in greater gravity afterwards.The consequences of the thing make Damiens frown. Anyway, it won't be his problem then when it will come!

    He takes another sip of his glass while the room around him is fascinated by the arrival of the cargo ship. Most of the time it's rockhoppers coming to the port. With this cargo, this port/colony can finally become the turning plate for the installation of a future community in this region. Which is not bad, since these damn Innerwalda won't be able to deprive the Belterwalda of the richness of this system.

    He looks at his plate again, disappointed to see that there is nothing left to eat in it. At the same time it was a disappointing dish of green peas and noodles. But the cargo ship brings with it agricultural production equipment, the Bar will soon be able to offer a better choice of meals. But at the price Damien is paid to do his job, he won't complain. Robert Kung pays him very well to do the missions that his Sponsors absolutely want to complete, or others that have nothing to do with him. In any case, Damien takes the money and does the work.

    And precisely his work in this system is complex, but the most amusing part comes soon. He was a lot of things in life, but never before had he plundered ruins. Discreetly, he puts his plate and empty glass back on and then leaves the Bar to head for his warehouse in the port. The corridors are dug right into the rock and only this bare material decorates them. Port security is all about the dudes paid by the Captain to make sure everything is fine, and honestly he received enough help from Kung to never stick his nose in Damien's business.

    The Port is technically divided into several levels of circular shape each, the first one is that of the quays and industrial activities, the second one is that of the dwellings. People's apartments are built, mostly inside containers embedded in the moon rock. In the centre of each circle are the elevators that allow you to move from one level to another. Archaic elevators are better placed in a mine than in an inhabited port. Except that all this is subject to change, soon the rusty elevator will be an omission and new levels will be built.

    Its warehouse is located in the first level and more broadly in a cavity dug into the rock and then sealed from the outside world. That's all Damien needed. He had given the team member an appointment in a few minutes, of course he is alone in the middle of a hangar whose space is occupied by a screen and crates stacked one on top of the other in the shape of a pyramid.

    He prepared this plan for months, and for the first time in his life he was anxious about failing. The Sri Moon is watched by the MCRN, and he have to land there without being detected and then to walk through the labyrinth formed by the ruins to find what the Sponsor is looking for and then bring it back safely to its destination. But if everything goes as planned, everything should be fine.
  2. Jacem Jackson

    The night on Sri offers a magnificent spectacle. It offers a different but similar view of the universe at the same time. The colour spots of the nebula located a few light years away mix with the white of the galactic arms. While a complex line cuts the sky in half. In all this celestial spectacle, only one point interests Jacem: the moon of Sri under quarantine.

    The former Protogen scientist puts his eye back into the telescope and looks at this frozen rock that crosses the starry sky. Behind him, his henchmen remind the team members of the mission's instructions. His team is made up of two guys formerly from La Quiétude, now employed by "Eldorado's gates" even if it amounts to the same thing since the employer remains Global Interest. The rest is a specialist, a pilot and three other mercenaries hired for the mission. The whole team must help Jacem infiltrate this moon, steal an artifact and return safely. When he turns around, one of the two former members of La Quiétude explain how one of the equipment that will be brought with them works. With a simple wave of his hand, he indicates that he is going out for a walk.

    Sri's night of this time of year is rather cool, enough for Jacem to bring up the zipper of his jacket. Anceling doesn't look like much. This is normal for a city of its category and importance. He has plenty of time to grow up. The lights of a security patrol pierce the darkness of the night in the distance, and Jacem takes their opposite direction. This leads him to the part under construction, but he prefers it to a conversation, even a friendly one.

    He puts his hands in his pockets and takes out his "Eldorado's Gates" employee badge, he puts in the other pocket and dips both his hands in the pockets of his jacket to warm them up. The road he walks on is freshly sunk and the paint still smells. To his right, a trench is being dug, the goal is to build a train to get resources more quickly throughout the site. All around him buildings are being built, white tarpaulins and beams are omnipresent. Here will be the building of the "Anceling Public Media & News", and on the other side the future hospital, and a complete laboratory and here a real school able to teach all school levels. Exhausted by his walking, he sat on a pile of wooden boards left behind.

    All around him, the forest emanates sounds and noises, its sources hiding in the darkness of the night. The life forms of this world offer very interesting research opportunities, and he would be very happy to be interested like a local vulgar scientist. Except that more interesting research awaits him. His work was to prepare and plan months in advance in order to finally set foot on that damn moon. Nothing will prevent him from getting his hands on this artifact, neither the MCRN nor the UNN.

    A strange creature passes in front of his eyes, at first sight it looks like a dragonfly, except that a more detailed inspection shows that it is longer, has more wings and that these last ones were of variable size. He can't remember the name of this insect, but he remembers that he had particularities to share with the butterfly and that he has the ability to change the shape of his wings to change his speed or adapt to changing winds. Its two main wings bend as the insect lands on the same board as it does. Her little head turns all over the place while she seems to be looking for something. Without warning, Jacem crushed him with the help of a rock and looked at the result.

    Disgusted, he puts the stone back on the bubbly, then gets up to go back home. Tomorrow is the big day, their plan will be carried out and Jacem will be able to get his hands on this artifact, just hoping that no one else will also have the idea to go to this moon on the same day...
  3. Damien

    The ship is plunged into darkness and silence, the crew breathing the air of their suits connected to a supply of already purified air. The ship is hidden near the surface of an asteroid, the latter is part of a large group that passes near the target moon. Months earlier, rockhoppers slightly "altered" some of the band's asteroids. Some became a shell full of materials intended to be used at some stage of the plan, others were filled with explosives and others slightly deviated from their course so that it fell on the moon.

    If all goes well, the asteroid and the ship will enter the atmosphere without being reported by the patrol ship. All around him, the team members silently pray the successful plan. They've been travelling without a reactor for weeks while following the asteroid, then for days without power or radio. This was the price to pay for the success of the plan. It was the most difficult part psychologically, but it is about to be finished.

    The ship begins to shake as it begins its journey through the thin atmosphere. Clamping his teeth, he holds the safety straps tightly while the part around him crosses in all directions. The man in front of him starts screaming in his suit while the shuttle continues its fall to the ground. The landing was brutal, dry and terribly violent.

    He gets up, with difficulty, from his seat and quickly inspects the room if everything is in order. The crew, busy with what they had to do and the little time ahead of them, all got up from their seats and headed for the hold. Someone is helping Damien to activate the cargo door so that he can get the vehicle out. Once the door is open, and the straps and pulley correctly put around the vehicle, he finally gets out. The asteroid had caused the creation of a medium crater, smoke was still coming out all around and the ship crashed a few meters from the crater. The ground under his feet shakes while a second asteroid crashes nearby. The area is already dotted with craters, and this only adds to a long list. The dust raised by the "rain" caused a storm curtain that Damien intends to use to hide their tracks as much as possible and for as long as possible. Even if Mars discovers the ship, by the time it arrives they will all be very far away. In the event that the ship was found, the team was ordered to leave absolutely nothing in it. Their food was taken in pre-prepared bags and then thrown away in the vehicle's recycler, the needs were made in suit bags and then thrown into the vehicle's recycler, no communication was allowed through the ship's router and the only thing the on-board computer knows is their journey to the asteroid from a point lost in space.

    The vehicle was finally lowered, and it looks like a rectangle with a triangular head. A box with six wheels and compartment doors. He had no cabin, bars to hang on to and space or insert his boots. The control of the vehicle is dictated by a program installed in Damien's costume that he controls with the movement of his left thumb and index finger that is transcribed by the sensors of his glove. Once everyone has their place on the vehicle, Damien activates it with a simple thumb pressure, then with the drawing movement of a semicircle on his index finger he makes it move in the desired direction. All he has to do is move his thumb by rubbing his thumb on his index finger in the desired direction.

    The landscape around him is grey, grey as the dust that makes up the ground. The eggheads believe the places where they crashed were the site of a lake, a lake that evaporated as the moon's atmosphere evaporated. Hills surround the place from all sides, and on top of someone of it perches the ruins of what seems like a fortress or an old building. Are there observatories to admire the lake? Simply channels that bring water here? No one knows, and we're not about to know. And even if we knew it, Damien doesn't really care, for the moment what he's interested in is fulfilling his mission.

    - Okay, guys, I'm going to increase the speed of this machine. The Martian ship arrives in this part of the moon in about 15 minutes., he say in the crew's radio.

    Before his eyes, his HUD shows a map of the orbit. The ship's path is traced from the front as well as its exact location. Simply folding the index finger increases the vehicle's speed and allows it to leave the area more quickly. It is embarking on what appears to be a 2 billion year old path to approach the ruins. The latter have a strange shape, their materials are unknown to him and nothing in what he knows is capable of having the appearance of concrete but the flexibility of the titan. The largest building looks like a spiral that comes out of the ground ready to dive into the sky, except that its top is missing as well as many pieces of its own. He rushes with the vehicle into an opening and enters the ruin.

    He descends from the latter with the rest of the team and has a detailed 3D map of the region projected.

    - We have to follow this corridor in order to descend into the depths which will allow us to access this section of the ruins, since if we follow this other path we will arrive quite quickly in front of a ravine whose only bridge collapsed a few million years ago. Then from there you will have to follow the map to avoid getting lost in the labyrinth once we enter it.

    - How do you get your hands on this map if no one is allowed to set foot on the moon?, asks one of his men.

    - I give you some advice,the fewer questions you will ask, the more money you will have in your account. Our client is very generous and does not like questions.

    - Any questions like how you got your hands on the exact patrol plan for tonight's ship?, say a another one.

    - Yeah, that kind of question, you fucking retard.

    Damien cuts his explanations before he says them while he sees something unexpected in the distance. A typical orange color of those of an explosion is visible far into the lunar sky and glance in his HUD shows him that the Martian ship has left its trajectory to go somewhere far from the orbit it is supposed to inspect. He doesn't know what it means, but he plans to start digging through the ruins as soon as possible to find what he came looking for before anyone comes to disturb him.

    With a wave of his hand he invites his teammates to follow him into the depths of the ruins, while the vehicle follows them back....
  4. Jacem Jackson

    The shuttle that transports Jacem's team slides through the space vacuum, between the rocks and the dust that orbits around Sri. The plan was to use the gravity of the objects in orbit of the planet to discreetly approach the objective. The pilot engaged for the mission is a familiar with slingshot in the belt and throughout the ground system. And that's why he was hired.

    The shuttle propels forward again thanks to the gravity of one of the bodies in orbit towards the second moon of Sri Lanka. It has been hours since the ship has followed a precise and complex trajectory in order to go unnoticed on arrival. Jacem's patience begins to run out as the ship moves towards its final propulsion.

    If all goes well, they will have arrived at their destination in about twenty minutes. His fingers are tapping on the armrest of his seat while the ship is still moving slowly towards its destination. If only he had been able to get his hands on stealth technology, his travel time would have been so much faster. On his HUD, the distance to the surface decreases over time to get closer to the target he had alerted on. They are close to the distance at which the Martian ship in orbit can detect them. But of course, he has something planned to solve this little problem.

    A simple press on his screen allows him to send a firing signal to explosives that he has placed on many rocks in Sri's orbit.
    Unfortunately for him, the cameras on the ship are unable to show him the scene, which must certainly be spectacular. So all he have to do is cross his fingers that the Martian ship falls into the trap and goes to check what's going on. They probably believe that a ship just appeared out of nowhere since they left a transmitter on site that was supposed to be activated at the same time as the explosives.

    "Landing scheduled in less than two minutes. Nothing in the visual that seems to indicate a setback," says the pilot

    He tightens his belts as they descend at full speed towards the alien landing platform on the ground. The latter is located at the bottom of an opening in the ground, an opening that is well hidden if viewed from orbit.

    A few moments later, he is outside dressed in an exit suit. His men rush to lower the crates and mount them on a remote-controlled cart. The platform turns out to be a strange rectangular platform in purplish black colours that reflects light in an oily way. He has heard a lot about this material and it is ironic that the only time he can finally observe a sample is also a time when he cannot afford to waste his time on it.

    Above his head the opening is several hundred meters away. And the walls all around the cylinder where it is is inlaid with a metallic pattern that seems to spiral from very far below them toward the outside. Of course, the meaning escapes him, even if he bets more on a possible heat...or energy evacuation system, whatever.

    "Which way do we go, boss?" asks one of the henchmen

    He takes a look around him, six circular entries are offered all around them. Happily, the corporation had the good idea to drop drones a few months ago on the moon, who walked through the ruins to map them. And their work will finally be useful. A glance at his map allows him to point the northeast opening as the right one.

    Weapons in hand and boxes on the cart, the team plunges into the darkness of the ruins to find what they are coming for....
  5. Damien

    Sweat speaks to his forehead, he was much too hot in his suit. The latter was obviously a belt product that had been bought on the black market, so one of the temperature control parts turns out to be bad. So here he is sweating like a pig because a simple piece of thermal insulation is not able to dissipate the heat from the integrated lamp.

    He raises his arm to indicate to the team member that they can take a break here. They turn off their integrated lamps and pull out large mining lamps to illuminate the area while they rest. The place is the same as all the rooms they visited. The only really interesting thing may be the tentacles/bindings of putting it on that snake along walls and ceilings and according to their own logic. Paranoia and despair spread to the group, as the hours went by they kept feeling like they were going in circles. Time to time they take out their mining equipment to make their way through a collapsed passage. But the routine remains the same, walking again and again in search of something that only Damien knows. All this in an unnamed darkness, no light, nothing than only and always horribly dense darkness.

    Damien sits on the roof of the vehicle while his men plug their suits into the water supply the vehicle was carrying. Their reserves are not eternal, if he does not find what they are coming for as soon as possible it will not be just the Sponsor who will not be happy. But if he believe the maps and geological data, they are not far from reaching their goal.

    The room is circular in shape and has a half collapsed rotunda that allows the upper floor to be seen. The only way out is also the way in through which they got here. Everything suggests that they will still have to take out their equipment to dig and clear a path. A noise resonates in the room, captured and amplified by its listening software.

    Nothing seems to be happening after several long minutes, indicating that it is a simple alert, Damien takes out the mining equipment and starts the operation. Their plasma torches began their long work while they kept an anxious eye on the fuel gauge. Their reserves are obviously limited. With a view to limiting the signs that could betray their presence on the moon, they will therefore finish the work with the help of other tools. If they use the torches too long, the concentration of heat could indicate their presence.

    The entrance leads to another dark tunnel, as shown on the map. A glance at his HUD, reassures Damien about the Martian ship, the latter has not changed its course. The entrance was narrow, the passage was complex and slow. The worst thing was when they had to make the vehicle pass through it. They had to take out the equipment again in order to dig the missing space. All this to find himself in another dark, dusty and suffocating corridor. Fortunately, they are very close to their goal, otherwise all the members of the expedition would already be demoralized at this time.

    Suddenly, the group stops when they notice some specific details. Their shadows are projected differently and above all another source of light that comes from behind them.
    Pulling out their weapons at lightning speed, they turn to confront the new group. The lighting prevents them from distinguishing the identity of the dark silhouettes that also point them with rather large guns. A long time goes by when no one makes a single movement. Then a voice is heard from the other group.

    -"Are you Martians?"

    -"Milowda are not stupide Pomang. To, Keting are To?", says one of his men

    Before the same black silhouette responds, the sound of a glove hitting a helmet is answered in the corridor while the silhouette that responded flickers forward before recovering. Anticipating the next steps, Damien hides behind the thick body of the vehicle and then all his teammates do the same when the opposing group sprays them with bullets. They also responded with heavy fire, but the situation requires them to get out of here as soon as possible.

    Using the vehicle's remote controls, Damien moves their shelter forward and they backwards at the same time. Several bullets came close to breaking his helmet before they found a opportunity. The latter is in the form of a corner of corridors, as soon as everyone has to turn. One of his men takes one of the grenades they brought with them and throws it into the hallway.

    The explosion saved them, but collapsed the ceiling of the corridor from which they were isolated from their attackers. As all the consequences, a glance at Damien's HUD lets him know that the Martian ship picked up the explosion and changed its trajectory. He looks with horror at what he fears most: lowering his altitude and positioning himself above where they are.

    They now have more than one problem, another group of looters is here and Mars may send marines on their asses.

    They must find what they came looking for as soon as possible... Especially if these new players want the same thing.
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  6. Jacem Jackson

    It was great, the even tiny details that are embedded in the corridors and alien ruins constantly make Jacem shiver with pleasure. Several times he would have liked to stop and take the time to analyze what he finds in his path. Unfortunately, the schedule does not allow it.

    The journey was a long succession of mazes and from time to time a strange "monument". For example, they came across a funny one that looks like a missile silo but in 50 times bigger. The center of the cylinder was occupied by what appears to be a crystal or a strange material with magnetic properties. All around the room were huge arms with an organic appearance that ended in various limbs that ranged from crab claws to thready fingers.

    When Jacem saw the pieces of meteorite in one of the arms he understood the purpose of the piece. But the why remains a mystery.

    It was through this room that they found their little "shortcuts". Aliens dug an underground rail network a few billion years ago. Its access is complex since all its accesses seem to have collapsed at least 100 million years ago. Passing through a drill hole is not an option at this time, the network is coated with a consistent layer of alloy with magnetic priority.

    The trip was much faster thanks to the help of their vehicle which was much easier to travel thanks to the flat terrain offered by the network. All along the way, Jacem had his nose up in the air and observed everything there is to observe. Which doesn't mean much.

    The group emerges by what appears to be a collapsed old station. They walked slowly, driven by an inexplicable fear that the arms would suddenly come alive and start to tear their heads off or worse. The path leads directly to what is certainly and clearly an old "factory" (if you can call it that) or even more arms and funny machine off waiting for them. The group avoids all this by taking a small passage on the side, the door that blocks its access is completely rusty and it is enough to push it to make it fall. The fall of the "door" (it had a strange organic appearance like the eyelid of an eye) falls to the ground and produces a terrible sound that is repeated throughout the maze. Fortunately they are alone, otherwise they would have alerted any life form in the area and the last time I heard, the arms have no ears so everything is alright.

    The path leads to an intersection in a horrible, completely dark corridor. Except that to their left there are gleams of light emanating, which is not supposed to happen. Aiming their lights at the strangers, they discovered another group, human of course.

    His group stays frozen for a while, are they Martians? Another group of the corporation that Jacem didn't know about? Another group of looters?

    Without anyone asking him anything, one of his mercenaries activated his radio.

    -"Are you Martians?"

    Jacem rolls his eyes and resists the urge to shoot him, this idiot. It seems that stupidity is widespread everywhere, so does an individual in the other group.

    -"Milowda are not stupide Pomang. To, Keting are To?"

    Fucking belters, he should have thought of that. Seeing that his jerk is about to answer, he slams him in the face with a violent slap behind his helmet.

    -"They're fucking criminals who came to loot the moon, their deaths won't change anything. Kill them to get rid of the witnesses, before they do the same.", he say in the crew radio

    Following his order like a good dog, his henchmen started shooting at the opposing group. It is last are forced to retreat more and more in front of the power of their assaults. proud of the ease of the situation, they advance at the same time as their victims retreat. Except that an unexpected event occurs, a grenade is thrown at them.

    Well obviously Jacem has something else to do but save other people's lives, so he throws himself to the ground. His men's safety will be on the agenda afterwards.

    Fortunately for him, he didn't die or get hurt. Except for the idiot who spoke earlier, he probably lies dead under a ton of rubble that must weigh several tons.

    -"You know all the risks of the mission when you were hired. Of course we will be happy to increase your bonus on our returns.", he say on the crew radio

    The team leaves their former colleague, or his remains, buried under the stones and continues their journey in the opposite direction. His disappearance will not bother anyone.
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  7. Jacem Jackson

    After cowardly (or not) abandoning the corpse his former henchman. He took the opposite direction of the path, as they had planned at the base. The latter leads quite quickly to what appears to be another section (or some time call Complex). From what Jacem has understood from the mapping of this moon, the alien structures seem to be grouped together in different section, interconnected and grouped mainly into several half-moon-shaped groups dispersed throughout the celestial object. Most structures and paths have collapsed over millions of years, taking their secrets with them. Orbital analyses indicate that they would have dug almost to the heart of the moon to drive there who knows what. The only detected tunnel leading down there has long since collapsed.

    The group ends up in what seems to be one of the strangest places they have seen so far. Honestly, it's a new record considering the bullshit they've seen so far. They find themselves trapped in a labyrinth made of a black material that occasionally crosses a shard that reflects and distorts what is around.

    -"What the hell is that", say on of the men from La Quiétude

    Jacem didn't even bother to answer his question. He is far too absorbed by his contemplation of the place. The labyrinth is made up of thousands of rectangular slabs made of the same strange black material, all aligned one after the other. It was certain that they had not formed a labyrinth for fun, that the final form was linked to something related to the utility of these black plates. Above their heads, what appears to be an antenna with a crystal appearance hangs above this funny show. It's not the only one hanging over their heads, there were still those damn arms coming out all around the walls. The latter spiral up to very high, so high that they do not see its end. So high that the crystal/antenna seems to emerge from the darkness held by nothing. Some arms, which also emerge from darkness, hold in their diverse and varied hands the same black plates as those on the ground.

    A little later they fall on what appears to be a collapsed section of the labyrinth, a huge object with an irregular shape fell into the area and burst into several pieces the plates that were below it. Curious he picks up one of the black fragments that lies on the ground and puts it in one of the pockets of his suit. The mirror effect reappears again on the black plates, it is a fleeting and fleeting flash, but enough to see the familiar color of a Martian armor. Suddenly on high alert, he began to cross the rubble in the hope of reaching their objective before Mars got its hands on them. Behind them can be heard the sound of boots other than their own.

    -"Hey you, stop, that's an order!"

    Of course everyone ignores the request and continues to run through the debris that opens fairly quickly into another section of the labyrinth, intact for the occasion. The light beam of their integrated torch hits the surface of the strange black monoliths and randomly generates shimmering effects.

    -"You violated a MCRN quarantine perimeter, if you don't stop, we'll be forced to shoot you."

    As you would expect from Martian Marines, they fired. Jacem picked up speed to lead the group while the others did their best to defend themselves, run and take the right path.

    An idea of genius crosses his mind, increases his light and orders the others to do the same. Then move forward in crab so that the black plates absorb the light and generate the mirrored effect. The more the group does it, the more the path lights up and becomes a real hell. They can't get lost here, they have their drone already mapped the area and they have access in their HUD to the exact path to take...but not the marines. All around him his reflection repeats itself over and over again and if they had not had the help of his HUD, he would have been screwed. In this very moment, it is as if the whole area has become a void where there are only infinite copies of him that repeat themselves in all possible horizons. It is so intense that it gives the illusion that walking is useless and that you are frozen in place. As expected the marines got lost while his group found the desired door, as usual it is in the form of the eyelid of an eye.

    While two of his men were busy opening the way, the rest are preparing to fight anxiously. They move on to the other side before the Martians emerge from the infernal maze. Then they run a mad sprint. They very quickly take the strange staircase having the aspect and appearance of a tongue. It is certain that under his feet, the latter sank slightly like flesh. They turn in a another corridor, that looks like an artery made of metal and who knows what. Turns in time in a tunnel, passes through the hole in the wall and then jumps down in front of a room composed only of "stairs" that go in all directions. Happy and anxious that their objective is right next door and that the Martians may have gotten out of the trap, they take the right path and quickly fall in front of a rusty door. It does not look like an eyelid, it is composed of several metal panels arranged in fan-shaped shapes. Thanks to the strength of their muscles, except Jacem's, they push enough panels to get in. Once inside they do the reverse process just in case.

    The room is irregular in shape, its walls with an organic texture like an animal's belly. Except that it's the content that's interesting. A feeling of relief filled him when he saw that the other group of looters had not arrived at their destination, if they didn't die in the explosion. Jacem bends down and gives, a useless, affectionate pat to the drone. The latter is off and his camera is fixed on the treasure it has found. Jubilant with pleasure, Jacem watches the treasure...his treasure. In front of it is a very large number of statues. Each of them resting in niches, most of the niches are empty. But it doesn't matter, what stays there are more than enough. He approaches one of the statues, a spider with 10 legs. He puts his gloved hand on his huge main eye, an eye made of a material resembling glass. They are not statues, but more than that. They are robots, drones, a new opportunity for scientific research. The niche next door is occupied by a statue with a beetle, but with more legs and a shell only composed of sharp corners and sharp edges. From the beginning, impressive advances have been made in the field of science just by observing what was left, by observing fucking walls. With this, it will be more than just new materials that will be developed...
  8. Damien

    The explosion spared them, to Damien's great relief. But the Marines may land at any time. Enraged and under stress, they hit the road again. The group quickly fell into a rather strange room suite. As in previous rooms, and typically in the "Builder" style, machines and objects are embedded in the walls.

    He just noticed that, from the beginning every time his group came across "machines" or something. They were always embedded in the walls, as if they were not machines but just extensions, outgrowths of...

    Light is made in his mind. It all makes sense, but not at the same time. Nothing from the beginning was harmless, the doors looking like eyelids, the corridors round like arteries, the bridges that look like outgrowths that connect joints. Suddenly he began to see his environment from a different angle. These fucking "Builders" really had a deep mental problem, according to him.

    The group has just entered what seems to be a succession of horn-like rooms that intertwine with each other. Their walls shelter strange "niche", most of them empty or collapsed with a part of the wall. Others protect what looks like a red cocoon filled with a liquid similar to amniotic fluid. They are very clearly in what was used in the past for a "manufacturer/lab/genetic design" for our beloved alien.

    -"You think that's how they were born?", say one of his teammate

    What the liquid contained seems to have disintegrated for at least a few million years.

    -"No, I don't think so. I think it was used for a much more terrifying purpose than that."

    Seeing no point in wasting time with empty cocoons. They set out again to get closer to their destination. They pass between the walls which are only composed of long pieces resembling intertwined sides. The path is much easier to follow and fortunately for Damien his HUD says that the Martians team went for a ride on the other side. They've been coming to the right door from the beginning. Huge and not seeming to have moved for a good 2 billion years. They go back to work and try to pierce the joints of the latter to make a passageway.

    About thirty minutes later, the door gives way and gives them access to the Holy Grail. Another room plunged into darkness....

    Lamp of torch lit and confident, he moves straight ahead and then understands (before it is too late) that the room has two levels and that they are on the cornice of the first one. If he hadn't stopped in time, he would have fallen from it into a fatal fall. His trusted man does not follow Damien down the stairs on the side and leads to the lower level, he continues in a half-cracked corridor on the side. The floor below is rather empty, except for blocks of purified metal that hang around here and there. It was one of his men who saw him first. Her screams of surprise made them all startle. Then Damien could not help but be speechless when his beam of light illuminated the object. They're here, all like jerks, looked at what they had come for with their mouths open. Damien was the only one who knew vaguely what it was, but for nothing in the world he would have thought it would be like this. The one who left the group earlier to venture into the semi-hidden corridor, comes back with a sealed box in his arms. He opens it in front of Damien, a satisfied smile.

    -"So, do I deserve this bonus?", does he say in a beloved tone

    "Yeah, yeah, a big and fat bonus."

    Seeing Damien's tone of voice and his look back at the target immediately after inspecting the merchandise, he turns his head to see what everyone is looking at. He dropped the box on the floor and Damien was afraid that the object would be broken. Fortunately for him, it's intact.

    -"By the love of the Virgin Mary, is that a...."

    -"Ya! It is! He claps his hands I am sure and certain that our Sponsor will be delighted to triple your salary if this thing arrives at its destination intact, and to offer each of you an additional bonus equal to 50% of everything you will earn in the end included with all your bonuses included."

    -"What if, let's say it's stronger than us, we reveal what it is to someone?", say one of them

    -"You know the Sponsor's abilities and resources, he will know it and kill you, I can promise you that."

    No one protested against the threat, but Damien knew them at the same time. It's not for nothing that he selected them, he knows that properly paid and threatening just enough these guys will be faithful until the end. He's gonna need it for this shit.

    Usually he never asks too many questions and limits himself to the essentials, but this time....Wtf?!

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